Shot in the dark; but gotta find the Judas …..

It probably is an extremely, very unlikely, supremely impossible, monumental longshot, but if possible, one of the most positive ways to end the war, would be for Putin to be assassinated from within the inside. Gotta find the Judas!!

The 64 thousand $$$$ question; is there anyone brave enough, patriotic enough or has the IN with Putin (someone Putin feels comfortable with that can get close to him) is dedicated enough to the good people in Russia to pull this off? If so and successful (again very hypothetical) it would be the most significant and biggest take down in history. At this time, there is not seem any way to stop this lunatic.

There has been an ever increasing amout of dissension by his people in the military and outside of the military; some military people claiming they were deceived as to what their mission was when they were sent to Ukraine. They were told they were going on a training mission, that turned out into a full blown war.

On top of unimaginable death and destruction in Ukraine; the sole reason for the heinous crime against humanity, was only on the whim of psychopathic, insane, killer. According to the experts, and contrary to what Putin says, Ukrainian was never posed a threat to Russia or conspiring against them. An invasion into Russia by Ukrania was only a contrived henious pipe dream of Putin to justify his insanity.

In a pre-dawn TV address on 24 February, President Putin declared Russia could not feel “safe, develop and exist” because of what he claimed was a constant threat from modern Ukraine. That accusation has been proven to be total nonsense and just drummed up fallacy to satisfy you want man’s insanity.

The chances of Putin being assassinated are most likely little to none, but can be a very slim outside possibility. So was the Hail Mary pass caught by the Italian Stallion Franco Harris. My contention is with mostly everything I do, how do I know it can’t be done unless I try.

The bounty I recommended previously to put on his head was 20 billion; up it to 40 billion, that should get someone’s attention.

According to the New York Post: Putin protects himself against assassinations by using bodyguards with bulletproof briefcases and high-powered pistols, look-alike stand-ins and food tasters are just some of the ways Russian President Vladimir reportedly protects himself from would-be assassins and coup plotters. It can be said the man is very well insulated. BUTT there is always one Judas in an organization/group/last supper that will sell his soul for a few pieces of silver or brave enough to do THE RIGHT THING.

This is what the world is looking and hoping for to find, the Judas in the ranks of his protectors.

There are so many facets to these monumental problems, so many different countries involved on both sides of the fence; it is really an impossibility any kind of peaceful solution two of the world’s problems can ever be achieved. There are too many ruling monsters out there are not satisfied having their slice of the pie, they want the whole pie and the whole bakery.

Out of all these countries I only see onl 1maybe 2 that the USA has amicable relationship with

I don’t care how big and bad anyone is, when your enemies are so numerous as they are, it is impossible to overcome them.

This quagmire has been bubbling for years. For decades, with a few exceptions, the controlling powers in the United States completely ignored the inevitable clash with our enemies and got caught with their pants down, putting the entire world in jeopardy. A good portion of the conditions that exist now are directly or indirect result of mismanagement by the United States parasitical politicians, many of them can’t be tagged as war propheteers, complacency and being too good/benevolent for our own good = stupidity. Charity should always be in at home. Metaphorically, if the point ever comes where your family is completely taken care of, everyone has enough to eat and everyone has a roof over their head, that would the time too shell out the presidents.

In many areas The United States has given the entire farm away and did not leave any livestock for itself. Even with our national debt over $30 trillion as a conservative number, some experts say it can be as high as $142 trillion$$$. The keeper of the keys are still dishing out dead president’s like it shit paper.

If you want to put the icing on the cake; the keeper of the keys, as of today still pledged $1.3 trillion to the war effort. WTF am I missing?????

This is Detroit folks not Lebanon
Baltimore not Hati

US Security Cooperation With Ukraine – State Department › u-s-security-cooperation-with-u…

6 days ago — Since 2014, the United States has committed more than $5.6 billion in total assistance to Ukraine, including security and non-security …

Do any of these fools know what what the term self preservation means???

To be quite honest, I don’t know any other way, I can truthfully say I have not seen 10% of all politician make this sensible decision that would be beneficial too all American citizens. They have all been merry go round for free ride, not taking care of business, now some of the ceramic horses bit them all in the ass/nuts and we are paying for it.


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