Whose side is he on anyway????

ABC’s Jonathan Karl baffled by Biden sanctioning ‘everything but’ Russian oil: ‘Extraordinary’

‘…To sanction everything but the thing that drives our economy,’ Karl said

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl said on “This Week” Sunday that it was “extraordinary” the Biden administration was sanctioning everything but Russian oil, “the thing that drives their economy.” 

I used to ask the same question about Kamikaze Joe’s brother in arms TMC when he was in office, whose side is he on anyway, based on some of his totally #illogical and #anti-American #whore deals he pulled #aiding the #enemy.

Obama should apologize for shameful cash payment to Iran

https://thehill.com › opinion › white-house › 477666-o…

Jan 11, 2020 — Since the elimination of Iranian terrorist leader Qassem Soleimani, much of the world has rightfully held its collective breath in fearful …

I would like to take it lot further then an just apology and say that TMC should be put in prison for his anti American activities. Thanks to himwith his release or gifts of money to the enemy, they have been able to sustain themselves and advance substantially in the war against the world.

Are these fools that out of touch with reality, are they that stupid, are they anti- American, are they deliberately aiding and abetting the enemy, are they enriching themselves personally or is it all of the above. Even their staunchest supporters are rolling boulders at them wandering #WTF it’s a matter with these people.

(CNN) Bipartisan pressure is mounting on the Biden administration to end all Russian oil imports and sanction Russia’s energy sector as President Vladimir Putin continues to escalate the war in Ukraine.

How can this clown who calls himself the president justify supporting the enemy. Does anyone but this imbecile have answer to that? Is there ever an end to this man’s incompetence?? If I were too pose these questions to a third grader, I am positive the kid would conclude; these actions are very dangerous that have/are putting the entire world in jeopardy because of his ignorance.

Through the years, Kamikaze Joe it’s been so slippery and devious with many of shenanigans he pulled, many with his drug addict kid (partner-in-crime) and otherwise; it would not surprise me in the least if he was getting his palm greased (kickbacks) from the Ruskies.

It is virtually impossible to try and conceive that this anti American fool we have as a president does not know the repercussions of his horrible actions. The Ukrainian people can actually blame Kamikaze Joe directly for many of the atrocities in their country.

Putting it plain and simple; this guy is #aiding and #abetting the enmey by supporting the Ruskie financially in their war against Ukraine. If Russia’s financial water was cut off, and they could not fund their war, it would be over in a matter of weeks or less. Kamikaze Joe is directly supporting their cause. If he even cared too; how could he #defend/support his decision to keep selling Russia oil and gas

I can bet that Kamikaze Joe doesn’t even have any problems sleeping at night.

What the hell were the people thinking of that elected this guy?? I would love to take a poll to see how many people now regret their decision.

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