No Wolf Tickets here ….

Retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg warns Putin ‘does not bluff’

He says Russia will use cluster bombs on Kyiv

What is worse than an #obsessed, #out-of-his-mind, #power-hungry, #psychotic-maniac with a big bomb/bombs?? The only thing I can think of, is an #obsessed, #out-of-his-mind, power hungry, psychotic maniac, that does not sell wolf tickets (make idle threats).

KEITH KELLOGG: It’s pretty simple. We are heading into act II of a multi-act play. It’s probably a Greek tragedy when you look at it. And what I mean by that is, we’re going to reach a point where [Putin’s] got to go into the city of Kyiv, into the built-up areas. He’s probably going to have to go back to the old Soviet-style use of artillery, which will be massive, and start to take down that city. And he’s going to use every weapon he has … which will include cluster-bombs to take down that city. It’s a city of about 3 million. 

General Kellogg must be reading my mail. I have said this at least a dozen times in previous post; Putin is ready to use anything and everything at his disposal in order to come out on top. That in itself is frightening. That fact should be a warning to all the superpowers in the free world; they have to be more brutal, proactive, more deadly than he is and beat him to the punch (somethings they are showing very little of).

This is not an ordinary/nomal person that understands common-sense, has feelings for his fellow man, or compassion for the world we are dealing with. As he has demonstrated, he is possibly the most sadistic, psychopathic monster that has ever been born, (if not number one, he is very close to the head of the pack).

I said way back when; Putin will win at all costs, he will pull out all stops and he will use everything in his arsenal to attain victory in Ukraine and possibly the rest of the world.

You can bet your ass on one thing; if Putin says it, he will follow through with it. 95% of this entire #mega-catastrophe is all about one man being an #narcissistic, #egotistical, #evil-maniac. Backing down on his word would show a sign of weakness. He may be a lot of things (like it or not) but he sure as shit is not weak.

If you snooze you lose; that should be a warning to all the superpowers in the free world; they have to be more brutal, more deadly than he is and beat him to the punch (somethings they are showing very little of).

If at least the fighting was stopped while negotiations were taking place, it would be one thing; but as we can see the Russians are continuing their rampage regardless of cease fire commitments.

I have no idea how long it takes or how bad it could get before the United Nations makes their move.

Unfortunately; what we are seeing now it’s just the tip of the ice pick.

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