You must be reading my mail senator

Graham calls on Russians to assassinate Putin: ‘The only way this ends’

“Somebody in Russia has to step up to the plate. Is there a Brutus in Russia? Is there a more successful Colonel Stauffenberg in the Russian military,” Graham, R-S.C., said on “Hannity.” 

Brutus was a Roman politician who killed dictator Julius Caesar and Stauffenberg was a German military officer who attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler. 

Possibly the world financieres should get together and put a $20 billion price tag on the guys head. That may raise some brows. The fool politicians in this country spend that much on a good weekend. Step up to the plate boys and do whatever needs to be done. You are supposed to be F-in experts.

I said that a week ago. The best and possibly only way too get rid of Putin is from within

Is the Judo guy that incompetent ?????

Posted on 02/27/2022 by The Goomba Gazette

Check it out.

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