Insult upon injury – seriously ….

I don’t know where the hell these so called experts have been hiding for the last couple years, under what rock. I have been predicting a war between the USA and China, long before this Russian thing ever pop its ugly head out of the ground. Covid was just the introduction for the main performance.

Now all of the sudden, we have these doomsday prognosticators coming out of the walls announcing what most probably be inevitable at one time or another.

Michael Beckley, an associate professor of political science at Tufts University, said China could take action in Taiwan while the U.S. is distracted with Russia’s siege on Ukraine. He said conflict between the U.S. and China would most likely break out if the authoritarian superpower were to take military action in Taiwan.

“The United States and China, I think, are at very high risk of conflict,” Beckley, the co-author of the upcoming book “Danger Zone: The Coming Conflict with China,” told Fox News. “Not just economic competition or ideological competition, but an actual war.”

There are a few questions I would like to ask TMC (Obama) and the rest of his anti American clan. How do you feel now about cutting the military spending to shreds when you should have been building it up.??

Way back then when TMC was chopping, it was no secret Russia, China, North Korea and most of the other adversaries of the United States were fortifying their military, spending billions, while the USA was cutting our military to ribbons. Only possible explanation that I can have for this, the dirty low down #bastards that supported this initiative #clearly and #knowlingly were out to #destroy this country.

WTF am I but a patrotic person that wants to see the best for his country, someone with no influential or political ties or privy to any inside information. Yet; going years back I could see the handwriting on the wall but the experts could not and did not.

I have been preaching for years; the USA should be building their arsenal instead of cutting it back. What made this country safe and powerful, a very few with a lot of power destroyed it in the matter of a couple years. You ask who was a big part of this conspiracy?? None other than Kamikaze Joe. Be careful what you wish for.

Now it’s too late to regroup when we have the grim Reaper knocking at our door. The people that were behind such initiatives should be brought up treasonous charges and executed. Where is the accountability in such a disastrous outcome that likely may eventually cost The United States the whole farm.

If anyone out there is foolish enough to think that these hideous/potential scenarios are not a strong possibility, they are absolutely delusional.

The #bastards that #fostered #defunding for policemen and #abolishment police departments are the very same people that were behind cutting military spending.

I can’t help but wonder, in the #whore deals they made with the enemies years back, if there were provisions/arrangements/agreements made with the enemy for #asylum when the shit hits the fan?? I would say that’s a distinct possibility.

Folks; very sad to say, I don’t see anywhere to run or anymore to hide. The only possible solution; GET THEM BEFORE THEY GET US. But that will never happen because of the Lily livered pacifists we have at the helm of the ship. What they have managed to do, because of the disloyalty to their country and they’re twisted ideologies, is to destroy in a matter of minutes (metaphorically) all the good that took years to construct.

I don’t know if this would have been possible or not; but I am speculating; the person who could have held us together, was the person they conspired against to defeat in the election, legally or illegally beating him.

Again quoting doctor Phil McGraw to the anti-American scumbags out there: how is what you have been doing working out for you so far??

I hope you are nailed to the wall at Ground Zero.

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