If the handwriting is on the wall; what are they waiting for??

Macron fears ‘worst is yet to come’ from Putin after tense phone call


The two have spoken three times in the past week as Macron tries to keep diplomatic channels open

The way I see it, Putin is reveling in his power and control.

If the handwriting is on the wall and it appears that all diplomatic channels and sources have been exhausted, what the hell is the United Nations waiting for??

Putin is like an out of control locomotive that is racing down the tracks. As long work it is out of control, the faster it’s going to go and the harder it is to stop it.

I am the first one to say the doors to diplomacy should never be closed; but at the same time, the world has to be cognizant of the fact this madman it’s not going to capitulate. What is our only salvation?? Go after him with everything the free world has and don’t sit on it too long. That freight train it’s picking up speed minute by minute.

There is nothing worse in life then taking an #ass-kicking and not #defending one’s self with everything they have. The real shame may not be in losing the battle, but not defending ourselves to the fullest extent would be the real tragedy.

All stops must be considered in doing what is necessary in order to overcome this tyrant and everyone associated with him

Remember folks; nice guys always finish last second. I would rather be proactive and be wrong, then inactive and be dead.

No one can ever say that the free world has not given Putin every opportunity to reverses his position. At this point, would I say that he is controlling the card game?? Absolutely, yes, he holds all the aces.

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