How about these apples folks ????

Posted Nov 25, 2012 @ 9:31

Almost 10 years ago I did this post.

Another post among many

China holds the key

Posted on 03/07/2017 by The Goomba Gazette

Am I #prophetic or what?? I wrote; the reason that China has built the biggest aircraft carrier in the world, was to cross the pond and collect the money owed to them by the USA.

Hellooooo; now that may not be the exact reason for their #impending #unwelcome-visit, but you can bet it is a big part of it.

Just how long did the United States’s masterminds think that Charlie Chan was going to suck it up without payment or retaliating??

When I say that most of the politicians in this country are pathetic, I absolutely mean it. They have no more #credibility being in politics then Steve Harvey has hair on his head.

They have been on the gravy train for decades, just sucking up all the perks/bennies they can, now that the chips are down and they have critical decisions to make, they are all lost like a wandering flock of sheep.

Time to pay the Piper boys and girls; he will be coming to collect what is due him.

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