He has been sharpening his Saber for quite some time …

Russian troops aiming to ‘mine’ nuclear plant to ‘blackmail the whole of Europe:’ Zaporizhzhia employees

Ukrainian journalist warns Russians are ‘putting explosive materials near the buildings of the nuclear power plant’


It is all in the eyes!! If these are not the eyes of a madman, I don’t know what it is.

This #diabolical-monster did not waltz into this unprepared. He has been #sharpening his Saber for many years getting ready to #implement his #takeover of Europe and possibly the rest of the world.

I have no doubt, he has his nuclear missiles locked and loaded on strategic parts of the world just waiting to push the button if he sees he’s going down the tubes; or possibly hitting the button either way.

At this point he is #totally-unpredictable except for the fact he is a certified maniac. No one in their right mind would ever inflict the death, pain and suffering on the #human-race as he is #demonstrating.

There may not have ever been such an #evil person born in the history of mankind. What he is inflicting on the Ukrainian people and his future plans to #annihilate anyone in his path are totally #incomprehensible, beyond normal comprehension.

Who could have ever predicted the #mesosphere degree of #madness this #lunatic is exacting??

The question is, how can he be stopped?? The short answer is, that may not be possible. The longer answer is, that may not be possible.

Last night on the news I heard one of the many so-called experts make a statement, Putin is no match against the entire United Nations organization if they choose two ban together to rid the world of this monster. If that is the case; my question is, #WTF are they waiting for. The longer this drags out, the more powerful he will becomes, and the more psychotic he may become. Can conditions get any worse than they are already??

Let us not forget that Russia and North Korea are waiting in the wings to join forces with Putin. That would be an #absolute-calamity. That triple or double combination, possibly would be #undefeatable.

These three maniacs all have the same end goal

Being #hypothetical. If the Ukrainian people (I would hate to see it) did capitulate or wave the white flag, would their surrender satisify this killers insatiable appetite for power?? I would say probably not.

I hate to be your #crape-hanger but, think of the most #unimaginable-conclusion possible, then #multiply it by #1,000, that is the direction this thing is going.

I have no idea if the United Nations and all the other democratic superpowers together can defeat this madman. If that is possible, they better get off their ass and do something before he advances any further than he already has.

This may be the old story of the ( 4 P’s) #parasitic-politicians-people-power, never being called on to make the #critical-decision as is this; now that the time has come, they have no solution to this dilemma. It should have been their #responsibility to be prepared for the possibility this day would eventually come. They are supposed to have their #supersleuth-intelligence-organizations predict something like this.

This #invasion and Putin’s game plan did not organize itself overnight. This has taken an excessive amount of planning. Is it fair to say did the #intelligence agencies throughout the world I’ve been sleeping on the job, or being more direct, with #their-finger-up-their-ass?? I would say absolutely yes.

They better come up with a plan regardless of how brutal it is to do what they have to do in order to end this nightmare. Let me stress something; last week or last month was already too late. The time has long past to take the kid gloves off and do whatever has to be done.

Remember what I have repeatedly said in many of my posts. The only condition or reaction a #bully/ maniac respects, is someone or something that is more F-in nuts and brutal than they are.

If the world wants to play the nice guy role, we all might as well lay underground and allow these Mad Men to beat us to death with ball bats. From what I have seen, they have no compulsion in doing so.

Let me lay down a piece of information that most people do not like to hear, it is a fact of life in survival.

Nice guys finish last!! Got beat bully at his own game


Yesterday was already too late!!

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