Isn’t this nut case part of the system??

Pelosi favors banning all Russian oil imports into the United States

NO SHIT Madam Sherlockdid you just wake up from hibernation

That may be the wisest thing this broad ever said. She is a huge part of the war machine and one of the people that sets policies in this country; I would think that she being the Secretary of State she should have a little clout in making decisions, especially decisions that are so far left, they are ridiculous for even her.

I did a post yesterday saying exactly the same thing. Maybe Pelosi is getting smart and started reading the Goomba Gazette. If so, I would recommend she continues; she probably will be a better person for it.

Funding the enemy ….

Posted on 03/02/2022 by The Goomba Gazette

Stupidity beyond belief.

The ignorance and poor judgment used in politics is way beyond explanation. As a matter of fact; Nasty Nan really surprises me that she would come out publicly and speak against HER president’s policies.

Being that K J ignorance is off the charts, I heard if Biden and the doctor wife have another kid; they may even ask the judo guy to be the godfather. Maybe just the rumor!!

As stupid as these people are, it wouldn’t surprise me if they owned a field full of corn, acres upon acres, but yet they went down to the corner market and paid $40.00 a dozen.

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