No words possibly appropriate to define this #tyrannical #killer/monster ….

What possible, #logical, #understandable reason can there be for Putin to #slaughter thousands of people except to satisfy his own #selfish and #egotistical reasons agenda.

He will go down in the history books as one of the worst of the #worst and deserves to be in the same unenviable category with Hitler and Joseph Stalin. What a demented bastard he is.

Whatever his psychotic reasoning maybe, is it really worth it deliberately murdering thousands upon thousands of the innocent people and destroying all of their property?? There can be no reason or excuse possible whatsoever that could justify this carnage.

These people have no food, they have no water, they have no place to hide. Who but #absolute #fanatical #maniac could inflict such pain and suffering on another human being just to satisfy his personal #vengeance. It is absolutely #incomprehensible.

If there is such a place as hell, I would hope is a special place there for homicidal maniacs like Putin.


I would love to have these murderous bastards envision their own families being slaughtered by some psychopath to see how those shoes would fit them.

How can anyone look at this picture of this sweet little child and justify violence and heartlessness that has been raining down on her and her people.

The son of a bitches behind this have no heart or soul. I don’t know how, but I hope they pay for their evilness with poor health and the very miserable/ excruciating death.

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