Which one will show up, Honest Abe or Kamikaze Joe …

State of the Union: World on edge, US economy teetering, Biden to make most consequential speech of his life


Which guy will show up, #Honest Abe or #Kamikaze Joe for the state of the Union address??

I cannot imagine #Kamikaze is going to shoot straight from the hip and tell it like it is. I’m would be more inclined to believe that the speech will be a mixture of the truth and what other #fantasies are trapped in his head.

Let’s face facts, many of the problems plaguing this country and possibly this world, are direct results of Kamikaze’s #presidency. He has been #bullshitting his way through politics for 50 plus years. I really don’t see the #Zebra changing stripes at this time of his life.

Even stretching it a little, I do not think that Putin would have invaded Ukrainia if Donald Trump was in office. J G was biding his time to see which way the cards will fall before he made his move.

The haulting of the Canadian gas line, throwing the #immigration-doors-wide-open and a multitude of other issues are very big parts of the reasons for USA being in the #deplorable condition it is in. The person/people who were behind all of these #illogical, #socialist, anti-America moves are Kamikaze and his clan of #socialist #fanatics. Soooooo, does anyone really believe, when K J gives his state of the Union address tonight he is going to admit any of these issuse are a result of his poor decision making, or at least contributing to them?? GMAFB!!! Not on your life.

This is what the definition should be:


What is an election what is its role in a democratic government?

https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Election

Search for: What is an election what is its role in a democratic government?

What is the role of government in democracy?

Democratic government, which is elected by and accountable to its citizens, protects individual rights so that citizens in a democracy can undertake their civic obligations and responsibilities, thereby strengthening the society as a whole.

Based on current conditions, do we see anything that even slightly resembles their accountability or performance?? Not from where I sit.

Does this definition of elected officials in a democratic society even come remotely close to what we are seeing today?? Absolutely not, the only thing that we are seeing have a bunch of #greedy #moneymongers in power is to satisfy their own personal, #coffers, beliefs and or agenda.

Elected officials are supposed to represent #all-the-people #equally and #fairly, #without-prejudice, regardless of political affiliations, race, color, creed or financial stability. The definition of the role of government in democracy does not resemble anything as we see in today’s politics, starting at the lowest level with Councilman, all the officer in between, all the way to the president of the United States.

They all bust their ass to get in front of a camera when issues they supported are successful. When it goes the other way, like a Chinese fire drill, they all scattered, hide and stay out of public view.

Sad to say our president fits very well into this scenario. Who is going to show up tonight for the state of the Union address; Honest Abe or Kamikaze Joe. I will go with door number 2. #Bullshit, #dodging #political-bullets and #skiriting-the-truth have been surgically embedded in this man head, he does not know how to tell the truth.

Whatever the case may be; Kamikaze Joe and the rest of the leaders of the free world must band together to get this bad tooth (Putin) extracted before he infects the entire world.

In my opinion our country and its leaders should be putting more emphasis on getting the the Judo Guy in line then domestic issues.

J G knows exactly how weak and confused K J is and he will take advantage of him at every turn.

Is it sad to say; this is the best The United States has to offer.

Although it would be difficult, we can survive inflation and higher prices, BUTT if Russia China and North Korea ever get a real foothold, and the true source of disfunctionality are not attended to, all of our other problems will be insignificant.

Bears worth repeating (a very prolific statement); we are #1,000% better off if we have an open door and a #working-relationships with their #enemies rather than complete cut off and isolation.

The dialogue to a peaceful solution should never be stopped!!

So my fellow Americans (shades of JFK) ; tonight, let us sit back in our easy chair, put it in 4th gear, make a big bowl of popcorn (easy on the butter), grab a Heineken 0 or diet Pepsi and let us see what kind of wisdom KJ is going to pass on to the world. I would, expect like most of his speeches, we will come away more confused and more #disturbed then we were before.

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