This is the first time that this #broad got it right ….

She is not is completely ignorant as I thought she was; BUTT possibly more. She knew what she was doing from day one, that all she was was a token to fill a spot and appease the black population.

If she had to be chosen by her past performances/qualifications and history is a politician, she would have still been sitting on the warm up bench. Carm is well aware of the fact she is very incompetent, a huge drag on the presidency and an anchor to our democracy.

Vice President Kamala (her friends call her Car-mella) Harris was blasted by critics Monday for claiming during a speech at the White House that American voters “got what they asked for” when they elected her and President Biden. 

Her #inadequacy’s and less then #satisfactory #behavior must be very apparent to her; she is making no attempt to cover up and hit the nail on the head when she said; they got what they asked for.

What can be expected when a person buys a lame horse?? Same O Same O

In all reality, we can assume by her statement and admission of guilt; she is well aware of her shortcomings and inadequate performance as vice president. Best of all, she does not give a shit and is throwing it up into everyone’s face. BOLD is being too kind.

Not only do we have a highly #unsatisfactory/unqualified person as president; we have someone in the wings, five times worse than he is waiting to take over if he is carried out on a stretcher or drops dead.

How do you spell bleak outlook? #KAELB #KOOLTUO…

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