Is it safe to say someone missed the boat ????

LIVE UPDATES: Russian troops stalled north of Kyiv, running out of food and gas, says US official

LIVE UPDATES: Russian troops stalled north of Kyiv, running out of food and gas, says US official

As much as the #conquering of the Ukraine has been an #obsession with the Judo Guy, I would have expected that he did not leave a #stone-unturned and considered every possibility before initiating his assault. Would it be logical to say, having an ample supply of food and gas would be #paramount to this operation.

You could bet one thing; Putin himself he’s not going to wear the jacket/take-the-rap for this monsters error; it would not surprise me if he is ordering the firing squad to get ready to eliminate the the person or people responsible for these mistakes.

There has been nothing in this man’s life that has been as important to him; he will not accept incompetence among his troops or defeat.

It goes without saying; someone higher up dropped the ball on this an is making judo guy look like an amateur.

This is the real Vladimir Putin, a monster with a vicious temper

He was over heard sayiung in one of his private conversations; if I had any hair on my #F-in head, I would be ripping it out.

Really running out of gas and food???????????????????? Val, better hire a new program director.

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