Do you think he really cares ….

Putin painted into a corner as world leaders, major companies and even some of his people turn against him

The tide is turning for the former KGB agent turned Kremlin keeper

Based on current conditions, I would say the Judo guy holds all the aces in this ever so #dangerous #confrontation/slaughter/war. He actually has a #stranglehold on the world and is it going to play it out to his #maximum #satisfaction.

When a person is a psychotic maniac like Putin, they are void of any feelings and or emotions like a normal person. This guy has tons of animosity flowing through his veins, with hatred, loaded with ambition to be one of the all time greats rulers the world has ever seen, and personal ambitions beyond belief. Possibly his ambitions are so outrageous, he wants to be remembered in history it’s one of the most powerful leaders ever born.

I said this last week; 99% of the #illegal/inhumane action Putin is taking against the Ukraine, has more to do with his #egotistical, #narcissistic personality of greatness then the political side of the issue.

Initially when it was just a matter of sticks and stones, conditions were fairly controlled, if you will, in a conventional manner, the war could be fought on an even scale. Now with the possibility of a #Nuclear war, the entire complexion in #strategy of #self-defense changes completely. In order for the civilized world to survive, gotta cut off the head of the snake and the snake will die – Gotta take he Big Dog out of the fight ….

In order to defeat this #monster (I would like to stress, if it is even possible) all of the super powers/freewordl leaders must unite, come up with a strategy, one common goal and become as brutal if not more brutal then Putin has become.

Prior to the new revelations of Putin possibly using nuclear warfare, I would have said; going after Putin directly to take him out would have been a mistake. Now; under the circumstances with this #homicidal #maniac threatening to use nuclear warfare; I would contend that all is far in love and war. All the stops have to be pulled out in order to #eliminate this guy.

Gotta cut off the head of the snake and take the big dog out of the fight. It should be no secret to anyone that Russia, China and North Korea are all Licking their chops just biding their time to take over the world. Based on all of their military might combined, it would be extremely difficult to win a war against them combined.

A few years back when TMC (the Manchurian candidate) was elected to the presidency, (probably the biggest mistake in American history), his socialist mentality of governing was to cut the military spending to shreds. What we are witnessing today, the once #powerhouse (USA) of the world is in 3rd place for sure and possibly 4th counting North Korea.

Optimistically the good Russian people that are #disenfranchised with Putins aggression, will help change the tide in the outcome. But that is a very long shot and probably is not feasible due to the man’s brutality in dealing with #dissidents.

The only way I see of for Putin to be #eliminated, would have to be from with inside or through a #strategic/military/strike. I would assume the inside method would be a better road to take. Only Putin really knows how many bomb shelters he has and thousands of place to conceal himself. Either way it’ll be a very difficult task.

This is probably one of the most #critical/dangerous situations the world has ever been as far as a possibility of total destruction using nuclear warfare. If it is not handled properly by the Super Powers with the sense of urgency, there is no telling just how severe a tragic ending will be; except tragic.

To all that want to listen; this is not a time for show and tell, this is not a time for chest pounding , this is not a time for lip service, this should not become become an stage for a popularity contest, this is not a time for showboating; this is the time where strength and unity will/can prevail with all of the free world defending our freedom’s against tyranny of dictatorships. Gotta be down and dirty.

Let us be hypothetical for a minute. If and when these three monsters are ever successful in pulling off one of the biggest military takeovers in the history of mankind; sooner or later they will be gnawing at the others throats trying to snuff out their former partners in crime.

We have to remember one big thing; there is no honor among thieves.

Let us all hope and pray; for good people in this world to prevail over the evil.

Everyone religious or not, should be praying for the #ultrabrave Ukrainian people. They need all the support they can give spiritually and otherwise.

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