Just another nail in the American people’s coffin ….

Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, a politician in robes

President Biden has delivered exactly who the left #demanded – the left said shit – #Kamikaze #squatted and said what color do you need

It didn’t matter too #Kamikaze Joe if his nominee just came out of the ladies room, pushing a cart with scrub brush and a bucket. He is going to try to get a #black-female in the Supreme Court seat (by the way it is a seat for life) regardless of what their qualifications are or aren’t.

Folks it is all about #power #money and #control, nothing else.

The selection of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson of the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit to replace Justice Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court was widely expected. From the start of his administration, Joe Biden has made it clear that his top priority is paying back the liberal Arabella Advisors dark money network that spent over one billion dollars to help elect him and Senate Democrats.

Even the most ignorant, babbling idiot on the planet would expect as a candidate to be a patriotic individual that has the welfare of ALL United States citizens as their priority. Take a good look at part of this ladies resume and then come to your own conclusion.

That is what we can expect from a future Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. President Biden’s announcement, like much of the messaging already coming from her promoters, zips quickly through resume items like her clerkship for Justice Breyer and work in private practice and as a public defender.

Missing are details like her work drafting an amicus brief on behalf of pro-abortion organizations in a buffer zone case in which she repeatedly disparaged the peaceful and often prayerful clinic protesters as engaging in “in-your-face” and “chaotic” activity that somehow fell short of “pure speech.” She also represented several Guantanamo Bay detainees as a public defender and continued that representation on a pro bono basis after moving back to private practice.

That was before her tenure as vice chair of the United States Sentencing Commission, during which the Commission reduced its sentencing recommendations for crack-cocaine offenses, advocated the repeal of mandatory-minimum sentences, and raised concerns about demographic disparities in sentencing.

She is just who we need in the USA sitting on one of the top/most #powerful benches in the country, is a terrorist and criminal sympathizer.

What motivates the decisions that Kamikaze Joe makes are nothing short of anti-American, trying to turn The United States into a socialist country where the only benefactors are birds on the top branch of the political Ponzi scheme, while the birds on the bottom branches (the common citizens) continually getting shit on.

I don’t have problem with anyone Kamikaze appoints to the seat, white, black, yellow, brown, as long as they are a very #patriotic American and will strive to make life in the United States better for all its citizens. #Patriotic Being keyword. A patriotic person would never represent #terrorist and #criminals to #probono try and beat the American judicial system.

Pay me now or much more later could not be more appropriate in this situation. When the roof finally starts caving in (it has started already) there is going to be a lot of finger pointing, and as usual, no one will take the rap for these less than #desirable/disastrous decision makings.

The #PARAMOUNT consideration in building a #structure, whether it is #human or #concrete or made from #brick and #mortar, the foundation #supporting it is going to be the key as to the strength and longevity it will have..

For the people in the construction industry they will know the significance of these numbers. Kamikaze Joe is using or two and a half sack mix for each yard of his concrete in the construction of his building #foundations.

For the people not in the construction business, all of these hypothetical structures this fool is building are doomed before they got started. Personally I would be using Seven and a half sack mix, that should be the number. Little too much is a lot better than not enough.


We recommend a 6-1/2 bag mix or 4,000 PSI concrete with a 6-8% air entrainment and low slump in the 3-4“range to avoid Spalling of the surface from the winter. Then depending on the weather conditions, one might add fiber-mesh and a retarder to help the workability of the concrete and avoid shrinkage cracks.

The money a person saves when they are trying to cut corners is very minuscule as to the cost of repairing the damage. My contention has always been, it is a lot cheaper and wiser to do it right the first time. Use the 7.5 mix.

Because of the poor foundations that have been laid by extremists in this country in the last few years, it is not too far down the road we will be seeing more and more building toppling.

The selection of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is definitely 2 1/2 sack mix.


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