Lip service does not cut it …..

Kamikaze Joe has been in politics too long where he thinks that his gift of gab and political bullshit is going to get him by. Negative.

Russia-Ukraine war: Biden promise to restore world order collapses as global chaos reigns

Biden promised that, if he was elected, Putin’s days of ‘trying to intimidate’ Eastern Europe were over

#Kamikaze has been living in fantasyland too long. He is like the #puck-kid who stands behind the #biggest-toughest guy in the school yard, hoping that he will come his @defense when someone buys his #WOLF-TICKETS and the shit hits the fan. You’re playing with the big boys now buddy; they don’t sell WOLF TICKETS, they buy them.

Kamikaze, that is not the way it works in the real world. One of the MANY problems Kamikaze has, which he brought on himself, is the guy that he called a killer twice. The other guy that is looming in the background waiting to get his #pound-of-flesh is #Charlie-Chan, the guy that #Tough-Guy-Biden told; you are no friend of mine.

Again I will ask a stupid fuckin question; Do you think that these guys are not going to get even?? Absolutely, the #revenge has started already. In my opinion, these were some of the most #egregious-#faux-pas this fool’s ever made.

As crazy as it seems, I don’t really think that Kamikaze Joe will do anything different, even knowing the eventual outcome. The man’s #ignorance is unexplainable.

I have said so many times before; I have the utmost respect for the office of the President of the United States; but as hard as I try, and I do try, I have no respect whatsoever for the person who is now occupying THE BIG CHAIR.

The sooner Kamikaze acknowledge the errors of his ways, the sooner The United States may get back some of the self respect it once had. I really don’t see that happening, without some serious intervention.

All of the following is so relevant it is mind boggling. Take time and read it. It really explains a lot and hits the nail on the head. The similarities are shocking.

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