#Failure is his first and last name …

Hunter Biden’s ‘#debauchery’: Judge Jeanine taps into a life of #sex, #drugs and #foreign-funding

Hunter Biden’s Burisma check was blown on #crack, #expensive-sports cars and #prostitutes



He was a failure as a father – just a #run-of-the-mill-politician – now is a #failure as the president

One thing that can be said about Joe Biden with a good deal of certainty, he is very consistent ,a failure at everything he touches.

He conducted his political affairs the same way he ruled his household; with a super liberal mentality and in both cases has fallen flat on his face; destroyed his family and now destroying this country. The facade that these people put on his absolutely astounding.

My definition of facade: Put on the 4,000.00$ tailor made suit, the $500 tie, the pinky ring on their finger, the store bought capped teeth (the Car-mella Harris phony smile) and all is well on the Western Front. Most of them live a life of fantasy and making believe, pretending to be something they’re not. In the meantime they are taking down the whole country with them.

Does anyone beside me have any idea why The Super Brat is a super brat?? Just in case you’re still in the dark, it is because of the liberal/permissive manor Joe Biden raised his son. If you do not believe that he is a foul ball, look at all of the scenarios and tell me there is not a definite pattern.

At the very least we have to give K J some credit, he is very consistent in everything he does, gigantic failure.

Hunter Biden’s antics turned into crack binges and sex marathons with multiple prostitutes, according to the contents of his laptop. Pirro revealed these kinds of involvements would last years and would be funded by foreign oligarchs who looked to take advantage of the then-vice president’s son.

The greatest example of permissiveness demonstrated by Joe Biden when the Super Brat began shaking-up/screwing with his dead brother’s wife. K J and his doctor wife, gave the #loving-couple their #blessings. They are both #mentally-disturbed.

Joe’s quote: “We are all lucky that Hunter and Hallie found each other as they were putting their lives together again after such sadness,” the statement said. “They have mine and Jill’s full and complete support and we are happy for them.”

Hollie has to be just as deranged as The Super Brat is. How did she explain this sex and drug filled relationship to her kids?? Did they call him daddy or did they call him uncle??

GMAFB; this #puck is screwing his #dead-brothers #weeping-widow, and the old man is giving him the thumbs-up. #GMAFB!!!! Is that sick or what. No wonder the priest did not want to give K J #communion.

Then along comes the hypocritical Pope that overruled the priests decision and administered communion too Kamikaze Joe anyway. Needless to say; politics and the Catholic religion have a lot in common. They are both corrupt.

This has been a pattern all of the kid’s life having his old man go-to-the-wall for him. What he needed was good ass kicking instead of being constantly being protected and sheltered.


There are so much information in this article depicting just what up #bum/foul-ball/loser/degenerate scumbag the kid really is/was; including the fact that, contrary to military policies, his old man got him into the Navy at 44 years old, well over the age limit for enlistment, hoping to straighten the bum out. It did not take too long before the real Hunter Biden showed his true colors when he was discharged because he was tested serve positive for using cocaine. Under the circumstances, those conditions should have resulted in a dishonorable discharge, BUTT being the son of Joe Biden, I am sure he got either a general or an honorable discharge.

REUTERS: Fact check: Hunter Biden’s military discharge was administrative, not dishonorable 

Essentially the old man was trying to hide him hoping that some of the military discipline would rub off on him, something Joe Biden could not do himself. Needless to say he was a failure at that as well.

I still marvel at the fact, out of all of the Democrats in the US of A; Joe Biden what is the best they had offer as a candidate for presidency of the United States. Possibly there was no one in the Democratic Party that was fool enough to want to take on the enormous burden that goes with the office. Think about it, what is so glamorous and appealing about the job. What person in their right mind would want to undertake all the headaches, stress and strain that come with the job.

In my opinion Donald Trump was different story. He saw the direction the country was going in and wanted to turn it around to a positive. He was making very good progress until he was dethroned; either by a legitimate defeat or a fix, something we will never know for sure.

How in the name of anything sacred did this man, Kamikaze Joe get by as long as he did, flying under the radar, being as permissive and incompetent as he was/is, and ultimately attaining the highest position in the country is absolutely mind boggling??

He is going to go down in history as the man that destroyed the United States. The way he raised the brat is the same way he is governing this country; disastrous!!!

Kid, how do we bullshit our way out of this one???

There are two things that are indelibly etched into my mind. They have been perpetrated by the two people who held/hold te highest office in the United States. They are as follows:


# 2: The blunders and incompetence of Joe Biden.

As far as I’m concerned Kamikaze Joe it’s just this dirty as his kid is get all of these #clandestine/backdoor operations.

That seems to be the pattern in politics. One of the reasons most of the #thieves and #crooks go unpunished; if they go down, they take about 50 people with them. Consequently and thieves and crooks, protect the other thieves and crooks. So goes the father and son team of Kamikaze Joe and the Super Brat

Joe Biden after 1 year — ‘angry, out-of-touch and dishonest’

https://www.courier-journal.com › opinion › 2022/01/20

Jan 20, 2022 — He quickly and thoroughly exposed the duplicity of his own campaign, which portrayed him as a moderate grandpa who wanted to help everyone …

10 reasons why President Biden is a fool who’s fooling himself

https://nypost.com › 2022/01/19 › president-biden-is-a-…

Jan 19, 2022 — President Biden’s two-hour press conference Wednesday was a sham to Americans viewers, losing even more faith in his leadership.

I have no problem with someone committing Harakiri or being a Kamikaze pilot; doing the final deed on their own, not involving anyone else. But when one person’s disastrous actions/incompetence falls on the shoulders of an entire nation, I do have a problem with that.

Most disturbing of all, this #nation-wrecker is only halfway through his term. On top of that, to add insult to injury, the fool that is waiting in the dugout to come up to bat, she is far worse than he is.

The predicament The United States has gotten itself into can and will turn into a catastrophe that is on the roll already.

Hold on to your hats and bonnets folks; put bumpy ride has just started and we are only witnessing the tip of the iceberg.

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