Are Charlie Chan and the Judo Guy in bed together ????

Taiwan warns of ‘destabilizing’ actions by Chinese as Russia invades Ukraine

Russians moving toward ‘decapitating’ Ukraine in multi-step attack: US official

I said it before and I will say it again; it would not surprise me in the least if Charlie Chan and Judo Guy have conspired together to conquer the world.

They look pretty cozy to me. I would not put anything past either one of these tyrannical monsters. they both have the same goal end ambition, to take  over the world. With the illegal invasion of Russia into Ukraine and the relationship between China and Taiwan, they both have a good start on achieving their goal.

Pete and repeat: When is the best or more opportune time to attack your enemy?? Naturally when they are at their weakest.

 Thanks to some of the previous administrations that cut our military to shreds, we are no longer the superpower we used to be. It seems that everyone in the world knows it except our leaders.

I have done many posts on this topic stating; their stupidity was off the charts. There can only be two reasons why a country as powerful as the United States would allow our president to make this country so vulnerable and weak.

First reason would be stupidity; second reason would be stupidity and anti American. I think that TMC (the Manchurian Candidate) fits both of those scenarios. Needless to say, the sins we committed years back, we are now paying for today.

In my opinion Kamikaze Joe is it going to be the United States Waterloo. I have no idea what can be done politically to, either change the constitution and get this incompetent fool out of office because we are slowly sinking in the quicksand and I do not see any logical or possible solution. Remember where you heard it.

It is imperative, by hook or crook,  we get someone in the drivers seat that can get us out of the quagmire we’re in. Decisions like that is way over my pay grade; what we need is someone or some group that recognizes the severity of this, to step up and do what is necessary to put out this major forestfire.

Everything this man has touched since he’s been in office has turned to shit. How long are we supposed to wait, until there is nothing more to salvage?? Can’t we see the damage he’s done less than two years; and he just got started.

Honestly I do not know if I am exaggerating these situation, but all I know is The United States and the entire world is in some deep shit and there needs to be, today not tomorrow.

The old cliche is; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

My very wise sadistic DI at Parris Island used to scream in our face yelling; don’t just stand there with your dick in your hand doing nothing, make a decision and follow it through.

I say proactivity is better than no activity. The handwriting is on the wall!!


Do I ever hope I am wrong.

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