Should the #white-folks be crying #foul ????

President Biden has personally completed interviews with three candidates for the Supreme Court vacancy: Ketanji Brown Jackson, Leondra Kruger and Michelle Childs

Everyone these days are crying equality. Out of the three ladies that Kamikaze Joe is considering, I would think at least one of them should be white.

But as we all know, when it comes to discrimination, some people think discrimination is named after all the streets in Washington DC

It has always been my opinion ( I have been proven wrong) that race and gender should not be a consideration in governmental appointments.

Possibly one of the most mistakes #egregious, #foolhardy #mistakes ever made was when K J #tapped #The-Token-Car-mella for the vice presidency. She has been nothing but #infected-toothache since she has taking office. Time after time she #embarrassed herself and the #government by her #inefficiency, (did I mention her unwillingness to cooperate) and #incompetence. People are supposed to be selected by their #qualifications not their #race-or-gender.

At times does not even knowing where she is:

Kamala Harris: “Are we in Cleveland?” – YouTube › watch


A hot mic caught Kamala Harris asking staff “are we in Cleveland?”

She is a great example of what the end result is when someone is picked as a token opposed  to being qualified.

She is giving someone the #malocchio
Where is that Ipana smile Carm??

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