Same thing they got #ScarFace for ….

Hunter Biden’s #ex-lovers could come back to #haunt him as federal grand jury #investigates his #tax-affairs

Two of Hunter Biden’s ex-lovers reportedly testified before federal grand jury investigating president’s son’s tax affairs

What is the old cliche; never talk in your sleep.

Hunter Biden always wanted to be recognize as a #gangster, a #wise-guy and big shot like #Scarface Al Capone, so possibly he will have the same #Waterloo. Only problem, he did not have the #balls or the #backbone. We can call him #paper-wise-guy/wanna be.

Not that I am a super fan of Scarface, but we have to admit the man did have a big set of #goolunies.

According to Biography, by 1929 notorious Prohibition-era gangster Al Capone had a fortune of $100 million: or as much as $18.6 billion in today’s money.

When all else fails, the federal government always falls back on income tax evasion. As they say , follow the money. If it was strong enough to bring Scarface down; it certainly should have the power to bring the Brat to his knees.

All his life #The-Super-Brat has been #sheltered and #protected by his foolish father who cannot admit to the fact; his punk kid, the Super Brat is a Brat because he made him a brat.

I guess the real question is how long can they keep beating the system??

I love this picture. How can there be any denial with #admission like this in their own words??

It is a proven fact, the more a person is sheltered, protected, and gone to the wall for, never taking any responsibility or being held accountable, the vast majority of the time that person will grow up to being a misfit and a basket case.

In many cases the enabling parents are just as #F-ed up as their kids are. How does a #thief, #drug-addict, #drunk, a #misfit tell someone else how to behave?? We are all products of our environments and for the most part #emulate the people we were brought up by.

No one but a #scumbag, #douchebag would #slide-between-the-sheets with his dead brother’s old lady shortly after his brother died. I don’t know how people could ignore anything that is so flagrant.

There were only two people I know of that give the brat that thumbs up in this arrangement; it was his father Kamikaze Joe and his stepmother the good doctor. After the two drug riddeled couple got it on, Kamikaze and his wife gave them their approval.

Folks you think I make this up:

Hunter Biden says he asked Joe to publicly support his affair … › news › article-9435729

Apr 5, 2021 — Hunter Biden reveals he pressured a reluctant Joe into publicly supporting his affair with his brother Beau’s widow Hallie – so ‘that people .

Hunter Biden attempts to justify affair with his brother’s widow … › news › hunter-biden-justify-af..

HUNTER Biden has tried to justify why he had an affair with his dead brother’s widow, saying he doesn’t “find it difficult to explain”.

Now which one is it?? Either he did or he didn’t, amnesia is not an excuse.

Hunter Biden says he doesn’t remember having sex with … › news › article-9431143

Apr 2, 2021 — Hunter Biden describes falling in love with his grieving sister-in-law Hallie shortly after his brother Beau’s death in 2015, in his new ..

My response is a Big No Shit!!! How can anyone justifiably explained something like this?? That has been the kids exit strategy for mostly everything he did in his life; IT IS DIFFICULT TO EXPLAIN.

Having sex with his dead brother’s wife is only the tip of the icepick.

As the title of a book of both indicates; the Super brat owes everything he knows to his old man. Does it say a mouth full or what??

Kamikaze Joe has a lot of #unacceptable-sexual-harassment issues in his own backyard. That is probably the reason he does not see anything wrong with what his kid did. Will justice be served and accountability for K J, I really doubt it.

Optimistically; somewhere down the line the brat will have his day in court for all of his misdeeds. It would be wise (wise being the key word) for Kamikaze to cut this kid loose and suffer the consequences on his own.

Recently Liz had to bite the bullet and defrock her Super Brat kid. A person can only go so far allowing there brat kids not to be held accountable for their actions.

Jeffrey Epstein scandal: Prince Andrew kicked out of … – CNBC › 2019/11/22 › jeffrey-epstein-s…

Nov 22, 2019 — Andrew’s mother, Queen Elizabeth II, authorized his eviction from the palace in London, in what is just “the latest humiliation for the …

Prince Andrew is stripped of his royal patronages and military … › international-news › 2022/01/13

Jan 13, 2022 — The move comes with Queen Elizabeth II’s “approval and agreement,” the palace said. Andrew will also stop being addressed as “His Royal …

I am sure it was a very hard thing for The Queen to do, but it was necessary. She should have stepped in years ago and cut his water off.

Life should be a two way street folks. If a kid has no regard for protecting or respecting the name of their family; why should their family go to the wall for them?? Taking responsibility and being accountable is the only way they will ever learn; BUTT possibility not; some fools are stupid forever.

Up until this point The Super brat Biden is caused his family so much shame and embarrassment; but still does not have the decency to turn his life around. The protection he is receiving from his father, without a doubt is the cause of this Brats criminal activities. He has never been held accountable.

It is quite possible, the reason Kamikaze Joe he is not putting the hammer to his kid; if that kid goes down for his misdeeds, he will take the old man with him. No one can convince me that K J did not know of his kids illegal activity. He absolutely had his fingers in it as well.

When the kid was dealing with his criminal associates, in order to make himself look like a #bad-ass, he even referred to his father; then vice president of the United States, as MY GUY. GMAFB!!! That sounds like an excerpt from a George Raft movie.

In his own words:

Talk about a statement that came back to bite someone in the pecker, it does not get any better than this!!

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