The very dark road of repeated history …..

We had WW 1, then we had WW 2, called by many, THE WAR TO END ALL WARS, (was that prognosticator ever off), are we now we on the precipice of World War 3??

As I alluded to the post I did earlier today, it may not be beyond the realm possibility that he Judo Guy is on the hunt, testing the waters to see if it is feasible to take over all of Europe while he on the move??

The more that we evaluate the situation, the more I am convinced this is more of a personal issue with the Mad Dictator then it is justifiable condition. He is bound and determined going down in the history books the best of the worst; even if his reputation is unsavory, brutal and nefarious.

In order to make the Judo Guys resume (his time in power) complete, he is going to have to over shadow/outdue all of the madmen that came before him. Including Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Nikita Khrushchev, Atilla the Hun in a multitude of others whose mission it was to take over the world.

The only thing that put the hammer to the madmen’s aspirations was the unity of forces that work jointly against them.

There are some opinions out there from experts close to Putin, they have seen a dramatic change in his personality in recent times. There is a distinct possibility a man had a severe breakdown and in order to fulfill his brutal aspirations he will do whatever is necessary to reach the superior Plateau he is aiming for; to control the world.

Based on how the current situation pans out for Russia, if they are victorious, it would not surprise me at all if Charlie Chan and the Judo Guy teamed up, if they thought they can conquer the world. Another tag team duo like Mussolini and Hitler. After all, it is the motive of both of them.

When Russia does entirely invade the Ukraine, if his advances go unimpeded, while he is on a roll, what is there to stop him from going further West. If I were a betting man, I would bet that at least half of the farm, that is the man’s ambition and ultimate goal.

This unprovoked and unwarranted invasion of the Ukraine Putin is undertaking will drastically affect the entire world. All of the democratic/free countries who want the protection of The United Nations should be compelled to kicking their fair share, monetarily and militarily or suffer the consequences.

Putin is defintely on the hunts and will not stop until he has completed his mission, one way or another. Wheather he is defeated or not will possibly dictate/determine if he will continue westward unimpeded as he hoped he would.

I don’t want to be to presumptuous or put the horse before the cart, BUTT some of what I saw of Kamikaze Joe today looked promising. Possibly his speechwriter finally woke up or K J may have seen the severity of the situation and is taking it serious. Up till now he’s been a cold fish

In unity there is strength

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