In unity there is strength period.

It is about time we wise up and not too try and carry the entire burden alone.

From what/see I heard on the news, it appears to me that possibly Germany is going to put the screws to the Judo Guy big time. That is very gratifying to hear. Germany has more leverage than any other country, such as controlling the 2 Nord Stream natural gas pipelines in their country.

Germany puts a stop to Nord Stream 2, a key Russian natural gas pipeline.

Germany halted certification of the pipeline linking the country to Russia in response to the Kremlin’s recognition of two separatist regions in Ukraine.

It is a fact, that the best way to retaliate against anyone is by putting the clamps on their bank accounts and cutting off their oil supply.

As strange as it seems, at least in this situation the USA may have come to its senses and is not trying to be a hero in by undertaking this mission on their own. The USA should not be expeted to carry the whole burden.

The invasion of the Ukraine by Russia effects the whole world. I would even go so far as to say that any country who does not participate either financially or militarily supporting the UN should be expelled and cut out of the pack. If you’re going to the restaurant and stuff your face, it is incumbent on you to pay your share of the bill. There have been too many parasitical countries sucking the blood out of the US and the UN for decades. The terms can be figure it out per capita and percentage wise. Very easy.

Make no mistake,The Judo guy is a very aggogant, extremly cunning person and very dangerous. To add to his viciousness and unpredictability, in my opinion, the majority of his actions against the Ukraine are ego driven and very little to do with politics.

When anyone that has a narcissistic personality as large as Putin’s, the most embarrassing situation that they can put thmeselves in, is to be made a fool out of. If he would have backed off and not invaded Ukraine as he threatened, all of the WOLF TICKETS he has been selling would amount to a lot of hot air and make him look like a clown.

Above all else, narcissistic people like the Judo Guy absolutely do want to look bad or appear weak. Their public image is extremely important to them.

Let us hope, the unity most of the UN’s members are demonstrating, their dedication to unity will put the hammer to this tyrant.

Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the most vicious of them all

If Chuck and Val (that is what their close frineds call them) ever decide team up together; based on their military strength and weaponry, I don’t know if the United Nations combined would be any match for them. If that was to ever happen all I want would expect to see is total obliteration.

Let us hope that sensible minds will prevail.

If every living creature on this planet had the same mentality and morality; recognizing that we are all in this together; what a great place this Earth would be to live in.

I have always been of the opinion that mankind is out to destroy itself. By the looks of things, don’t think I’m too far off.

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