They should be paid for taking out the garbage …


A French modeling agent has been arrested in Paris as part of an investigation by the city’s prosecutor’s office connected to accused sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

Jean-Luc Brunel was arrested at Charles de Gaulle Airport on Wednesday, according to prosecutor’s office.

He was taken into custody on “counts of rape and sexual assault, rape and sexual assault on a minor under 15, rape and sexual assault on a minor over 15, sexual harassment, criminal associations and human trafficking to the detriment of minor victims for the purposes of sexual exploitation,” the Paris prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

Scum of a feather go down the tubes together. This reprobate owned and operated a modeling agency. That would be a perfect setting for #Epstein’s hunting grounds.

If in fact the authorities do find out who killed this #piece-of-shit, they ought to be rewarded and released from prison for doing society a favor. If this is the way justice should be served by killing the #scumbag in prison, so be it.

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