More #Wolf-tickets – just like her #Cuzzin ????

TMC’s war cry: I’m warning you, I’m warning you, I’m warning you, I’m warning you: that seemed to be the mantra of TMC’s (the manchurian candidate) all of his time in office.

Did it ever occur to these chest beaters; (they only good at trying to intimidate – selling wolf tickets) the Judo Guy is not the least bit frightened by them. They could threaten him from now till doomsday and not have any impact at all.

This is how concerned the Judo Guy is with the meaningless threats coming from K J and most of all Car-mella; like water rolling off of a ducks back. The man is a professional we are both amateurs. He knows it and they know it

Russian-backed separatists in Ukraine declare military mobilization amid surge of violence

Russia amasses up to 190K troops outside Ukraine, ‘Most significant’ in Europe since WWII, US says

The wisest thing to do under these circumstances is to continue to try and negotiate diplomatically with Russia, in the mean time be prepared to take action if forced into it; idle threats do not cut it. Play it close to the vest you do not forecast your intentions,

The only thing that Car-mella is accomplishing across the pond is making a bigger fool out of the United States than she has already.

It really does not make any difference to me the way Carm (that is what her closest frinds call her) looks, her artificial pasted on smile, the way she walks, the way she talks and the way she presents herself are not the issues. All I would ever want from ANY vice president is to be a loyal patriotic person that is going to perform the job for the betterment of ALL people . She was chosen as a token to fill a slot having a black female as vice president and that is the bottom line. I could name dozens of black/ minority females there are 500% more qualified than she is.

The big money behind Kamikaze Joe who followed their recommendation of TAPPING Car-mella for the position, are now watching your their scheme backfired in their face. The woman has no credentials to speak of, with all of the smoking mirrors they concocted to make her look good, all they are, are simply that, smoking mirrors.

Now take Tulsi Gabbard for in an example, She has more credentials then most of the people in the Senate and Congress combined and is a minority female from Hawaii. Why not her as VP??

The primary reason Car-mella got the tap/nod is because they thought they could control her. Just like the one and only marriage made in heaven; were they ever wrong.

Even the most #twisted, #brainwashed, #staunchest-far-lefters in the country have to agree that when it comes to being a #patriot or having #exemplary #credentials, Car-mella cannot even spit shine her boots. But that is not part of their big scheme to turn the USA into a socialist country.

We should all know by now, what that perpetual smile is and why she is smiling. She keeps reminding herself how ignorant the fools are that gave her the nod.

Maybe just a rumor

It may be a rumor; we all know how rumors get started. I heard that she was following K J around with a measuring tape sizing him up for a coffin.

Then we have Kamikaze Joe, a #never-ending-toothache, who most of the time does not even know what day it is or which state he is trying to hide in. He would have been a lot better off sending one of the #highest-ranking-military person in the country to negotiate or represent the United States instead of this piece of work broad. But then again, KJ may have not had any say so in who was sent to deal with the Judo Guy.

Can we assume this female four star general female is more qualified than Car-mella to represent the United States in critical military matters. Folks it is all about credentials and being able to looked a beast in the eye, keep your composure and not get rattled and deal intelligently in resolving the conditions. Car-mella possesses none of those characteristics.

Remember one thing folks, puppets can not talk or function unless their #puppetmaster has their hand #up-their-ass.

I think that pretty well sums up the dire conditions The United States is up against with the two puppets as our leaders.

Carm-lla; one suggestion: why don’t you hop a plane, fly over to Paris and do a little shopping where you cannot get the United states into of #deeper-shit-pit then it is already.

I’m warning you, I’m warning you, I’m warning you, I’m warning you

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