The $$$$$$$ Pit ……

Black teen restrained by police in NJ mall fight video hires George Floyd’s family lawyer

Should we expect anything else?? It would not be very surprising to me many of these situations are setups just so the leachs can create a lawsuit.

Now the real question is; will the authorities have #balls enough to #charge/pro$ecute this kid with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and other charges that may be pertinent to this situation??

Let’s face it; there are a very large number of slimeballs in this country, both black and white that are willing to throw there infant in front of a bus just so they can collect on a lawsuit.

I must have a crystal ball !!

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The liberal media could start a fight in the closet …..

Posted on 02/17/2022 by The Goomba Gazette

Is there going to be another gigantic lawsuit and financial settlement in this case?? WTFK (no translation necessary).

I am #thoroughly #convinced that there are elements in this country that are so used to not working for a living and being spoon fed by the government, they grab at every opportunity to reel in some free $$$$$. Their families have been mikling Social $ervices for so long they don’t know what it’s like to go out and work for a living, and don’t want to. If they were offered a job, many of them would refuse it.

Can we really blame many of the #parasites for their irresponsible behavior?? Yes and no, who are really put the #jacket on is the government or continually #spoon-feeding these people. It is time to cut the water off of those that are not in need, start saying no instead of giving the farm away. BUTT that will never happen. These conditions are too #entrenched/ingrained in the American #culture it would be virtually impossible to turn it around. It’s going on too long and has gotten so far out of line and thoroughly out of control.

What the hell; my schedule is pretty wide open today. Maybe this afternoon I will go downtown, go into a coffee shop were acoupled of the cops will be eating donuts, walk up to them, #spit in their faces and call their mothers a #hooker.

When they jump out of their chairs and start #beating my brains on with their #Billy-clubs, I will have one of my friends I brought along taping the whole thing on his #video/cell phone. Make sure to watch the news tomorrow.

Youtube, stand by.

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