From Fox News – Kamala Harris in Europe: Will she help calm the Russia-Ukraine crisis? #AYSM

Kamala Harris in Europe: Will she help calm the Russia-Ukraine crisis?

She has a #propensity of telling Kamikaze Joe #kiss-her-ass. It took her almost three months to show up at the Mexican border (that was only after she made her first stop in California ) after Kamikaze Joe gave her the assignment . So what makes him think that she’s going to with this order.

K J is assigning THE #TOKEN Vice presidentess Carmella to take a trip to the front lines to cool down the situation between the Russians in the Ukrainians, would be like sending Tiny Tim with his ukulele to kick Andre the Giant’s ass.

Carm (she likes her close frineds to call her Carm) cannot take control of the situation in her own backyard at the Mexican border, and she is going to go across the pond to try to put out the fire between the Judo Guy and Ukrainians. GMAFB.

I Wonder if there are any shopping malls on the front line. It seems to be the only thing she excels in.


This is close to the same scenario as George W Bush appointing Condoleezza Rice the secretary of Secretary of State when he was sitting in the big chair; knowing that she would have to deal with many different Middle East men who have no use for women. I always thought that was a bad choice

Some of these people we have/had in office (past and present) still cannot get it through their head, especially when it concerns the old-time dictators, women are considered #gum-under-their-shoe. So why would our #illustrious president send Car-mella to that war zone to try to put out the fire is way beyond me??

I have made this offer many times to #Kamikaze, he must not be reading The Goomba Gazette. I don’t have any plans I can not cancel in the next couple of years. I’m sure I can do a hell of a lot better than what he has.

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