The Bad guys came out on top …..

Former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos slams original Russia probe as ‘master class in deception’

EXCLUSIVE: Former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos, reacting to Special Counsel John Durham’s latest filing, told Fox News in an exclusive interview that the original Trump-Russia probe was about “manufacturing a situation” around Donald Trump and his associates in an effort to tie them to the Kremlin, calling activities surrounding the origins of the investigation a “masterclass in deception.”

The Bad Guys came out on top, hopefully someday they will pay for their, lies, deception and deceit, BUTT I really doubt it. The only repercussions that MAY come out of this entire scenario is; just all the other investigations that went south, possibly a slap on the wrist or nothing at all.

At this point there has to have been billions of dollars spent trying to take Donald Trump down, essentially to no avail. What the thieves in the night did accomplish was to discredit Trump enough by planting enough doubt/lies in the minds of the people/voters, ammunition for liberal media, (they used it to the hilt, not caring if  it was true or not) to inflict enough  damage and suspicion around him to hurt him at the polls. We still are not 100% sure if the election was or was not fixed.

I said so many times before; even though many of left siders involved are lowlife despicable people; we have to credit them for winning the war against Trump; at least at this point. They had a game plan, they stuck to it and came out on top. It just goes to show my rationale is correct; THE IS STRENGTH IN UNITY, even if they are a scumbag.

Just think if all these conditions did not exist and the people in power, put their time, effort and OUR money  toward revitalizing the United States, just how much progress go to been made in that direction.

The fools on both sides of the fence literally have accomplished nothing of significance in the last five to six years, except to drive this country deeper and deeper into the ground. Most of the destruction they have created has not impacted them directly, at least at this point. Sooner or later, their disastrous leadership, piss poor decision making will have an effect on every one in this country. It is sad to say, in most cases, the big boys never get hurt. They’re the ones that make the laws, and the people that abuse it the most.

And the beat goes on!!

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