Perfect at $p-assing the buck…..

Washington Post columnist knocks Biden for ‘passing the buck’ on Afghanistan fallout

Max Boot: Biden’s rejection of testimony about the withdrawal is ‘insulting to the military’

And then we have:

Psaki blames ‘hate-filled rhetoric’ about COVID-19 origins for hate crimes targeting Asian Americans

White House says Biden ‘absolutely committed’ to dealing with uptick in crime against Asian Americans

There must to be a prerequisite that all politicians are compelled get a degree in $bullshitting if they want to be accepted into the world of polictics. At the very least, 80% of them lie like a cheap rug bought at a fire sale.

Yesterday Pasaki, K J’s puppet accused Donald Trump of creating a hate situation against the Asian people because of China developing COVID-19 in Wuhan China.

It has been 99% established that accusation is accurate. even according to the Chinese, the reason they developed THE INVISIBLE KILLER ( I was the 1st one to coing the phrase) because they wanted to stay ahead of the USA in the scientific arena. That may be partially true. Their other motivation could have been to infect entire world with the disease, killing 3/4 of mankind for them to take control. We can call it doing a double whammy.

The #invisible #killer ….

Posted on 02/29/2020 by The Goomba Gazette

It was a very long time before anybody of authority, except PDT, would justifiably #accused Charlie Chan and his #nefarious crew for this #dastardly, #deadly-deed.

If the blame has to be put somewhere, I would definitely put that jacket on JAWS (FAUCI in Italian), who’s organizations contributed substantial funds for the Chinese research. In his own words he admitted it. I would love to check his bank statements.

It is just incredible how they could stand it front of the microphone, stare into the camera and lie the their criminal ass off.

I am not giving Donald Trump a pass on this one, he will go down in history as one of the biggest bullshitters in politics. Some of the off the wall remarks he made and did were just atrocious, yet he had the balls to deny them all.

In my opinion Trump hurt himself more with his out of the line remarks than he helped himself with his loose tongue.

Every morning all politicians must get together at a roundtable meeting, sit down to discuss/contrive what kind of bullshit lies they could make up for the day on how they are going to try an deflect their incompetence onto the other political party. The best way for them to do that is by bullshitting. Telling untruths and exaggerating situations.

A rumor can be as harmful as if the events actually occurred. Once that accusation is made, it is like the tattoo on Mike Tyson’s face, it is very difficult to ignore or get rid of.

Depending on the #severity of the rumor, it can play a big role with that person for the rest of their life. There have been many cases where people have #committed #suicide because they were accused of something they never did. Moral of the story: Bullshitting can be very #dangerous.

TDGAF if the yarns they spin ae true or not, it is a compulsion with them. I’m sure all of us know people we’ve run across in our life there are pathological liars and cannot control themselves. We know before they open their mouth, whatever comes out is going to be a whopper.

Really; the only thing that bothers me about a bullshitter is, they think I’m stupid enough to believe them. Two some very trusting people; these mothers are absolutely convincing.

Sad to say; in the world we live in, there are not many people we can believe and the less of them we can trust. If we try to equate all of our activities by using common sense, that would probably be our safest bet.

What type of people should I not trust in life? - Quora

Remember one very important thing; whenever you shake hands with a #bullshitter/conman, when you pull your hand back, make sure that you count your fingers.

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