Don’t go where you don’t belong ……

Culture of fear at Merchant Marine Academy silences students who say they were sexually harassed and assaulted

I know I’m gonna catch a lot of Flack for this. All of you know that follow my blog acknowledge I am not a male chauvinist. As a matter of fact 110% behind equality for the ladies.

On the other side of the coin, I have always maintained that any person, if they have any sense about themselves, should not go where they don’t belong. A merchant marine ship is not the place for a female where 99 and 9/10% of the crew are all male swabbies.

The lady that was molested admitted that she had ONE beer with one of her shipmates when the molestation took place. Based on my experience and connection with the sauce, no one has just one beer.

(CNN) On a 1,000-foot cargo ship in the middle of the ocean, the 19-year-old student felt trapped. Trapped by the crew member she said sexually harassed and groped her, and trapped by the academy that sent her there.

My rational has always been; when making important decisions in life, use good old commonsense.

This young lady must be a very naive person to assume conditions/situations like this would not develop. I really have to question her logic for making a foolish decision.

The middle of the ocean – booze – horny guys – foolish girls – stuck at sea for months at a time, all amount the perfect stormat sea.

I wouldn’t suggest; if there were an equal amount of females and males on bored ship it would make a big difference. That is not the case.


As of 1992 therte were 185 women who have graduated from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, N.Y. I have to believe that this sexual harassment incident was not the first one.

Unless you don’t mind giving your ass kicked; never walk into Hells Angels bar wearing Bermuda shorts, a pink shirt, flip flops and sunglasses. Need I say more.

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US Merchant Marine Academy Faces Serious Sexual Assault … › us-merchant-marine-academy-fa…

Oct 3, 2021 — The new policies included items like a zero tolerance policy for sexual assault and sexual harassment, vetted mentors, regular crew training, …

Setting policies and following through with disciplinary actions are two different animals. All the regulations in the world can be set up, BUTT if they are not enforced, what good are they.

And; they keep sticking their hand in the furnace and burning the hell out of it.

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