#WOKE-my-ass …..

Biden’s ‘woke’ agenda costs military 6 million man-hours, Republicans say

5.3 million hours and $535,000 was spent on discussions about #extremism in the ranks

The politicians that hold the purse strings are always #bitching that there are #insufficient-funds to operate the government. 535,000.00$ may seem to them to be an #insignificant amount of money because they are always dealing (#squandering) in the #billions and #trillions,

I am sure positive that 535,000.00$ could have been put to very good use elsewhere, instead of concentrating on urgent issues for the betterment of all the citizens, like the #environment, #homelessness, #education and #infrastructure, they keep sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong, trying to #reinvent-the-wheel.

If it is not broke why try to fix it?? Why you ask – because PART of the military #hierarchy are a bunch of incompetent, #obsequious, #asskissing robots that don’t have a mind or backbone of their own. They rather #drop-their-drawers to some incompetent president, then stand up for what is right for the military.

To started end with, people outside of the military should not have any authority to change the rules and regulations. #WTF are the #generals for?? A vast majority of the people that have occupied #THE-BIG-CHAIR have never served and have no idea what #military-protocol is all about.

I spent a fair amount of time in the military way back when, and never experienced any racism or other complications between the ranks. If a black guy and a white guy got into a beef, it was only a beef not a racial issue.

These spineless bastards (politicians) are always sticking their nose where it does not belong trying to stir up shit attempting to make points with the commander in chief, who has no idea whatsoever how the military operates.

It can be compared to a guy slings hash for living, trying to tell them aeronautical engineer how to perform his job. Stick to slinging hash lad.

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If it is not broke, don’t try to fix it.

Marine Corps deactivates its final active-duty tank battalion


This is just the beginning: there has even been some conversation of disbanding the Marine Corps entirely. AYSM???? That would be comparable to cutting off one of the arms of our military people would defend this country.

Before we know it, if these fools are allowed to continue down this treacherous path, they may want to shit all military personnel; just like they are trying to defund, dismantle the cops. They are signing the death warrant for this country.

How is what they are doing working out for them so far?? Here is the answer.

Crime spikes force schools to reinstate resource officers as defund movement collapses

Vice president of Fraternal Order of Police National said, ‘Everybody’s having buyer’s remorse for defunding the police’

Reallyyyyyyyyyyyy; is there one #F-in #imbecile alive that really #believed this #defunding and #abolishing-police-authority would actually work?? #GMAFB!!!!

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