Sometimes I have a tough time catching on …

Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre agree to settlement of sex abuse lawsuit

If his royal majesty was not guilty, or did not have sex with this young lady, why in the name of the Queen Elizabeth would he make a settlement with her?? Gotta be a healthy one!!

Sometimes I have a tough time catching on ……

Having #royal-blood in his vein$, one would think he would be a more polished liar than he is.

Prince Andrew denies #sex with 17-year-old because he was ‘at Pizza Express’ on night in question

‘Going to Pizza Express in Woking is an unusual thing for me to do, a very unusual thing for me to do’

Vincent Wood

Saturday 16 November 2019 23:25

Gotta wonder, really gotta wonder, what does His Highness or should I call him his ex Highness like on his pizza??? I like sausage and mushrooms on mine, but I am Italian. The #X-Princleeness probably prefers #pineapple, #guacamole and naturally low calorie cheese. Gotta be able to get into that uniform.

Prince Andrew asks to defer military promotion

At least, he won’t have to worry about all of those medals being perfectly in alignment. I wonder how many he actually earned??

He probably would have never raised an British eyebrow if he had outside sex with a lady his age and not a juvenile. That kind of misbehaving is an everyday occurrence throughout the world and nobody pays too much attention to it. BUTT when any person lower themself to go outside those boundaries they are a total #scumbag and a #child-molester.

In this day and age of loose promiscuity, one would think a person, especially in his position he could score with any of age of female he cared too, but that was not the thrill he was looking for.

In the last couple years, the royal family has been doing a real number on #Lizzie. She is a very #moralistic person who maintains #very-high-standards, she should not be subjected to #bad-publicity and #off-the-wall-antics from her family members.


At least she did the right thing, stripped her favorite kid of all his authority and titles; hopefully turning off his financial faucet. Just like a squirrel, I’m sure Andy buried enough nuts in different places so he does not have to worry about missing any meals. That is if he was smart. BUTT, if he was smart, he would not have got caught with his zipper and pants down!

Gotta pay the Piper bloke

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