#If-that’s-what-it-takes; then that’s what it takes

#War on cops: 24-hour-period sees #13-police-officers #wounded by #gunfire

13 officers wounded during Friday shootings across 4 states



Sooner or later, the sooner the better, all the cops in the United States should unite and go on #strike (walk off the job). If that’s what it takes for the powers to be to get some F-in sense in their heads, then so be it.

Will it be chaotic – will it be disastrous – will it be total chaos?? It will be all of the above and much more if and when that would transpire. Butt, what is their alternative, to continue to get slaughtered and mowed down by some psychotic thugs?? They did not sign up for this.

I am quite confident that the supporters of defunding the cops or getting rid of them will put the blame on police violence to take the heat off of them. I believe this may be part of the problem, but is not the true reason this #insurrection is taking place. This has been #brewing and #simmering for years, police #brutality only put the icing on the cake and gave the anti American thugs a reason to start this social war.

Circumstances and conditions only adding fuel to the extreme left-wingers cause to create disorder and defunctionality in these cities. 99% of all the anti-American social conditions are intertwined with one another. They are all part of the giant scheme to take over the USA.

If and when the cops did a walk out, they should stay out until the authorities come to their senses and allow them too retaliate in kind and be proactive. I don’t know how much more they can take. How many more of the people in blue need to be killed before any action in that direction is taken.

Like the truckers in Canada did; they must united in a common cause and do what they had to do. It is so unfortunate but these measures must be taken in order to bring our country back to a civilized place to live.

One question I would love to ask the supporters of eliminating and the funding cops; WOULD YOU WANT TO BE A COP UNDER THE CIRCUMSTANCES?? If so, somewhere you have a padded cell waiting for you.

Based on the #liberal-mentality that is being implemented in these cities; essentially they are #handcuffing the cops behind their back, throwing them in the Lake Erie and expecting them to swim to Canada.

There will not be a resolution unless this most pressing condition will allow cops to have back their authority. In the meantime, it is incumbent on the cities that have out of line cops to get rid of them. It is also incumbent the communities where these situations exist, for the city leaders to unite and help/assist the cops by putting an end to this insanity. In the direction this is headed, if left unattended, it cannot amount to anything but total disaster.

One headache that may dwarf all of these conditions is our leadership (Kamikaze Joe) who is one of he major part of the insurrection system, turning his back on these conditions like they do not exist. What a sad day in American history when that fool was voted into office.

Russia – China – North Korea and all of our other enemies may not be the most pressing problem the United States has on its plate. Unless this insanity starting at the top is addressed properly, and continues to escalate, there will be nothing left in this country to defend.

As Dr Phil would say; how is what you have been doing working out for you so far?? I cannot express emphatically enough how this saying has become one of my favorite cliches. It has so much meaning and depth to it, Everyone in the world should use it to analyze their own situations and circumstances.


If what you’re doing is not coming out on the positive/productive side as it should; and you want to change course, you are the only one that can do it. #Truthful, #honest #self-evaluation is extremely important.

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