What – no fire bombs, bottle or bricks????

Canadian trucker protesters remain blocking bridge to US after midnight deadline: LIVE UPDATES

A convoy of Canadian truckers protesting vaccine mandates remained blocking the Ambassador Bridge connecting Michigan to Ontario early Saturday despite a court order Friday night for them to move at 7 p.m. and a warning from Canadian police to move by midnight or they would be subject to fines or arrest.

I guess all of the savages are on this side of the invisible line.

Unless have been missing something in the news; I haven’t seen one storefront #shattered, one window broken, #any-smash-and-grab, no cars set on fire, no #firebombing of police, Yet our Canadian cousins seem to be able to get their point across very effectively that they are dissatisfied their government.

Although I do not agree with not getting the shots (at least the first three), not for the sake of the government but for the sake of mankind. I do agree with their protesting against their government. Governments around the world have too much control over their people and are chipping away at the freedoms bit by bit. They are supposed to guide their citizens, make sure they are healthy and safe, assist them in the time of need; not to dominate and control them. That’s what the #sonsabitches do in the dictator control countries.

Good luck #blokes in #blokesses, keep on trucking.

Pip pip and #cheerio – my deepest #respect for the #Canadian people, getting the job done with precision and no casualties in their wake. This is how #civilized people protest and try to get their message across.

That is what it is all A-BOOT

MV – JV – CG – AG

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