So tell me, how do you like your new neighbors???

Locals outraged, fearful as homeless encampments occupy community while city officials do NOTHING

Locals outraged, fearful as homeless encampments occupy community while city officials do nothing

I said this many months ago; if the suburban community thinks that this homelessness and encampment infection is going to stop at the city lines and not creep into the suburbs, you better think again.

Possibly the only way to get any action on this disaster is if it affects the F-in idiots that are allowing it.

The liberal minded fools bought that dead horse knowing what conditioning it was in, tried to pawn it off on the inner city people, BUTT now it is kicking back at them.

The idiots deserve all the bad luck that comes with your ignorance. Unfortunately this cancer will continue to grow until some very harsh and positive actions are taken against it. We can nearly compare this homelessness situation with COVID epidemic. Left unmasked and unvaccinated, allowing it to run rampant, it most certainly will take over the entire population. Issues as severe as both of these do not remedy themselves.

WTF are these city leaders thinking of allow such disorder as this to take place?? There is absolutely no logic, rhyme or reason that can explain their Ignorance except, they are on a mission to destroy this country; cold and dry. Bear in mind these are the same sons a bitches that are behind defunding and eliminating cops. It is total insanity allowing this type of disorder. It probably has escalated to the size now that it is nearly unmanageable.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco home vandalized overnight on New  Year's Day - ABC7 San Francisco

Nancy Pelosi’s SF home vandalized overnightWatch

A home in San Francisco belonging to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was vandalized early Friday morning.

This is just what the doctor ordered. If these painting artists had a GO FUND ME page I would probably donate a few dollars to their cause.

Do you think that this disturbs Nan?? I doubt it, she has six other houses to go live in.

It is absolutely shameful but the United States has sunk to the depts it has because of inadequate, corrupted, thieving politicians were only looking out for their welfare. This country is and will continue to pay a big price for their criminal activities.

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