Suspect in attempted rape at Canal street subway station on Feb. 9.

So; tell me all you fuckin bleeding hearts; what should the authorities do with the son of a bitch like this?? What kind of penalty do you think he deserves?? They probably want to send him away on an all expenses paid vacation for two months.

This is an example of how bold these bastards are. They don’t care where they are, they don’t care who’s watching them, they don’t care how young or old their victims are, because they know, chances are very good that they will not be punished for their crime.

So tell me like doctor Phil would ask; all of you brain dead enabling imbeciles out there; how was what you doing working out for you so far.

You god damn liberal fools are pathetic.

Let’s keep one thing in mind. All of these negative issues/crimes are linked together in one form or another. Homelessness, destroying cities, rioting going unchecked, smash and grab, illegal immigration, crime goes unpunished, and everything else that plagues this country, is it direct result of the ultraliberal disastrous mentality of the far left. Look at the cities that are tolerating this and who their leaders are; all far lefters.

So I will ask you once more to see if you fools or man or woman enough to admit your ignorance; how was what you’re doing now working out for you?

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