Why nearly?????

A 12-year-old Black swimmer was nearly disqualified from a Wisconsin swim meet for wearing a ‘Black Lives Matter’ swimsuit

“An independent volunteer official inappropriately barred a student athlete from taking part in the meet, due to their ‘Black Lives Matter’ swimsuit, stating that it ‘went against USA Swimming’s policy of no political language,'” according to the Duluth Area Family YMCA, which sponsored the event Sunday at Superior High School.

ANDDDDD: The official who threatened to disqualify Leidy was overruled by YMCA officials, and she was allowed to continue participating in the swim meet, the Duluth YMCA said. The official has been banned from future swim meets hosted by the Duluth YMCA, the organization said.

SOOOOO; #TMWTFRAF; when some official fool has the #latitude to decide if the rule should be #applied/enforced or not.

Than we wonder why there is so much #racial-tension in this country. This may be a very minute example of #double-standards, but at the same time it is an example.

What is good for the goose should be good for the gander.

Can this be construed as the YMCA #kissing #BLM’s ass?? Looks like it to me. If there were no rules there would be no case.

Some O – Same O; no crime, no need for cops – no need for cops, no abuse. That seems to be too hard for some people to understand.

These cowardly PC idiots will keep giving and giving until there’s nothing left. ANDDDDD; the ignorant silent majority is allowing them to do that. Check out the sale on Vaseline

3 for the price of one

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