What is their end game?????

Don’t buy the hype, ‘Rogue’ prosecutors driving violent crime surge not guns: Expert

Progressive district attorneys are turning their cities into “hellholes,” according to former prosecutor

Soft-on-crime district attorneys across the country are to blame for a spike in violent crime – not firearms, a former federal prosecutor told Fox News Digital.

“Guns don’t commit crimes, neither do knives and hammers, people do,” said Charles Stimson, now a senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank. “It’s a red herring to focus on guns rather than the harder issue of how to enforce the law fairly and hold criminals accountable.”

Mr. Stimson is absolutelt correct.

I can say this without reservation; it is not the guns in the hands of law abiding citizens that are causing criminal activity. If anyone is ignorant enough to think that conditions are dire now; they cannot even imagine but what it would be like if all the good guys gave up their firearms. In essence, we can comfortably conclude that guns to the hands of the good guy is what is keeping the Lid from being blown off completely.

I will even go so far as to suggest;  every law abiding citizen in this country should be armed to the teeth and trained how to use a weapon if It becomes necessary. I will guarantee, I will guarantee, I will guarantee that there would be a dramatic drop in crime.


THIS IS THE ONLY THING THUGS UNDERSTAND: Owners of Corbo’s Bakery arm themselves with guns as violent rioters tried to get inside


Crimes must be punished not rewarded. Rewarding criminals is exactly what is taking place in many major cities that have gone soft on criminal activity.

In some cities the crime rate is sky rocketing through the roof and does not look like it’s going to decrease anytime soon. If the fools that hold the keys to the jail cells do not do a turn around and very quickly, this criminal activity may never be brought back to reasonable level (that is if we can call any crime level reasonable).

Once you give it away; you will never get it back. It is really mind boggling what their (the keepers of the keys) end game may be. The only one thing for sure, based on where it is today, the outcome cannot be pretty.

It is mind numbing; fools that run  these outlaw cities cannot see the forest colorful trees or do not wanna see the forest that kind of trees. Any imbecile that will not acknowledge the problems we are facing today (getting worse by today )because of inappropriate laws; their ignorance is deliberate.

This is totally outside of my natural character. In this case I will definitely make an exception . All I can do is wish these people that are deliberately destroying the country the worst string of luck possible, culminating by having them on receiving end of their criminal decision making. My hope is they will become victims of their own stupidity and possibly, I say possibly with reservations, they will get the message.


I am not holding my breath.

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