Now that sure spells #clout and #power ….

Rotterdam may dismantle historic bridge for superyacht reportedly owned by Jeff Bezos

Rotterdam may dismantle historic bridge for $637M superyacht linked to Jeff Bezos. A Rotterdam councillor is speaking out after the city agreed to temporarily dismantle part of a historic bridge to make way for a massive yacht reportedly owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos.

What tells the tale more of super power and influence then when a person has enough clout to have a country dismantled bridge so he can get his $700 million yacht out to sea??

I don’t know how accurate this is BUTT ; Jeffrey’s spokesman allegedly told the authorities in Rotterdam, if they do not cooperate with him in dismantle part of the bridge so he could get his new toy how to sea, he was going to buy the entire country and shitcan everybody.

With the kind of money this guy has, I am sure he could hire Sikorsky skycrane – hook on to that mega-yacht of his with about 15 or 20 helicopters, pick the sons of bitch up and go over the top of the bridge.

Old Jeffrey should consider putting me on as one of his consultants; clearly the people he has on staff now have no imagination.

Would it be an easy task?? Absolutely not; but then, in my opinion in the long run it would be a lot faster and a lot cheaper to go air freight instead of dismantling the bridge.

Orrrrrrrrrrrr; better yet, a much easier and cheaper resolution that would cost virtually nothing, lower the sails to a flat position; tow that little puppy out to sea past the bridge; then raise the mast to their operating position.

Jeffrey buddy’ it looks to me like you have the wrong people on the payroll.

This reminds me of a story I heard years ago about a semi truck trying to go under an overpass; it was too high and got wedged under the bridge.

Before long the trucking company had all of their big shots out there; the city had all the experts come out; the highway department had their people there all trying to evaluate the situation.

The meeting of the minds went on for about an hour, having all of the experts stumped.

Meanwhile there was a little boy about 12 years old standing on the other side of the street watching all these bewildered fools scratching their head and some their balls.

It is called pocket pool

Finally, reluctantly the little boy walked over to the group of men and said; sir can I make a suggestion?? One of the experts; in a pissed off mood snapped at the kid and said; yeah what do you want kid.

The little guy looked  up at the irritated expert and said to him; sir if you would only let the air out of the tires, the truck would go down and you could easily pull it out from under the bridge.

I do not have to tell you the rest of the story. All of the embarrassed, supposed experts scattered like a Chinese fire drill, tripping over one another to get out of the way.

Finally the owner of the trucking company whipped $50 bill and gave it to the little guy for his ingenuity. The little kid graciously accepted the money and smiled.

The moral of the story is; if we would only think long and hard enough, usually there is a more simple solution to our problems. I am still praying for world peace.

Yeah; I was the little boy.

To all of you experts in Rotterdam, land of the wooden shoes, if you need a consultant I am available, my rates are reasonable.

Please respond to my email: ask for the Commander and Chief – Not to be confused with the commander in chief.

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