One of the #worst, #Farfethehed #femme #fatale in history – Nasty Nan is right up there with the best of them ….

Pelosi spent over $500K on private jets despite claiming ‘we have a moral obligation’ to reduce emissions

‘For me, it’s a religious thing,’ Pelosi said in November of preserving the planet.

Since when has the old broad become an ordained minister??

Some of the Most Evil Women In History

  • Enriqueta Marti. This cruel woman preyed on homeless children and would put them into prostitution or murder them and use their remains for ointments that she claimed cured tuberculosis. …
  • Aileen Wuornos. …
  • Wu Zetian. …
  • Queen Mary I. …
  • Griselda Blanco. …
  • Belle Gunness. …
  • Ilse Koch. …
  • Irma Grese.
  • Nasty Nan last but not least

In my book, this evil witch spelled with a (B) is about as nasty as they come. She ranks right up there with Ma Barker – Bonnie Parker – The queen of mean Leona Hemesley – Jezebel – Delilah and a few others that do not come to mind.

She does what she wants, how she wants when she wants and where she wants and is not accountable anyone but herself.

In a direct opposite manner of speaking, it is always been my policy and position to compliment the person even if their skills happen to be #nefarious.

Example: John dillinger was one of the most prolific bank robbers in history, but one can say in a complimentary fashion that he was very good at it .

N N almost has to be admired for her tenacity and testosterone. There are not many people on this planet, female or male, that has the powerful status this woman has. Should she be admired before her cunningness, even though most of it is devious??

I don’t know what the hell this woman has on her constituents, but she had to catch somebody on their knees in the men’s room in order for her to maintain her positions in politics as long as she has. It is just conscionable that she keeps getting reappointed time after time. There has to be a reason.

Nasty nancy Pelosi (@NstyNancyPelosi) / Twitter
Her true colors. She has risen from the dead. That is one scary woman

N N is like so many other politicians that have abused their power in office to fortify their coffers. Once she is caught with her cookie hand in the jar, she labels her hypocritical behavior as a religious thing. Now how bold can you get NAN.

Nan; you have to leave all of that religious Gobbledygook to Albert Sharpless and Jesse (ebonics) Jackson. Don’t try to take their Thunder away

Nan spent over a half a million dollars on fuel, travling around the country in a private jet; polluting the hell out of the atmosphere. For all intents and purposes, most of these contacts she is making can be done by video conferencing.

That applies to all of the politicians and big business people that use their accessibility to private jets unnecessarily.

If all of the prima donnas were a game players and truly had the interest of mankinds in the forefront; by using video conferencing as a mode of communication instead of jet setting, they certainly take the strain off of Mother Nature. NEVER HAPEEN

HELL; they would not even have two get out of their pajamas to participate.

Like so many other two politicians, NASTY lives by, lives by, I say not as I do.

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