What if the situation was reversed???? #Fa-get-a-bout-it

Biden to meet with European leader who refused to send lethal aid to Ukraine to deter Russian threat

Sometimes in life we have to be very selfish, doing what is best for ourselves and the people that depend on us. We have to know when to draw a line between what is best for ourself and just how far do we go to lend a helping hand.

Actually; it is not really being #selfish, what it is referred to is #self-preservation, a very distinct human characteristic. If we cannot take care of ourselves, #physically, #mentally, and #financially; first by making ourselves whole and rock solid, how can we be expected to assist others in their time of need??

If and when the United States ever gets back to the powerhouse it used to be, with money growing on trees and streets paved with gold, I will be the first one to say; let us spread out wealth throughout the world, helping others in need. Until then, we must put our nose to the grindstone and eliminate our problems first.

That being said; This should apply to anyone with half a brain. They would not completely empty their refrigerator, deplete their bank account, sell their homes, sell their cars and give all of the proceeds to a stranger, while their family is destitute and starving. I hope that makes it a little easier for those that are a little slow on the draw to comprehend.

Based on current conditions, I would conclude the United States is not in any kinf of shape, #financially or otherwise to and #assist other countries (the puts the #immigration problem on the front burner). Who in the hell would come to our #aid/rescue if this situation was reversed??


For the most part, it has been our experience, the countries the United States stuck our necks out for, and got them chopped off, tried to rescue, were a lot worse off after we left and when we got there. The only thing that these wars accomplished was making this shitload of money for some #multibillionaire warmongers.

Many of the countries were invaded illegally because of the heavyhitters that control the purse strings. Most of these countries have been fighting the same war for #1000 years (#killing-in-the-name-of-thier-god) and will continue to fight for another thousand years. Does #Afghanistan ring a bell??

Is it #excruciatingly #sad the conditions in the world are as they are?? 1000% agreed, but they will continue to exist as long as #greed, #corruption and #un$crupulou$ #dictator$ continue to stay in power.

As bad as I would feel having to turn my back on someone in need; charity still should begin at home. We have so many #unresolved issues in our country; based on a large part because of the #leadership or lack of, the fools in office at ever level. We should NEVER get involved in any situations that does not directly affect us until our own crisis are resolved.

They say the German Chancellor is going to come to the White House to speak with #Kamikaze Joe. I wonder how they (foreign #dignataries) feel trying to communicate knowing the person they are dealing with is not #mentally stable?? It’s would be just like talking to a cue card, there was no one behind the face.

Iffff – I say iffff, we are forced true contribute in some manner to the Ukrainian cause, I would suggest we only do it proportionate to what other countries in the UN are giving percentage wise. That is a big; if we have to.

It has been far too long, the United States has been the bank for the world. The USA has carried the biggest portion of the burden, financially and militarily.

We are like the rich old uncle who gave away millions and millions of dollars supporting his parasitical relatives, bleeding his bank accounts dry until there was nothing left. But the parasites continued to peck away at the old man expecting him to continue to support them even after they used him for all he was worth; they discarded him like an old dirty sock.

Is there anybody that is foolish enough to believe that these other countries give a shit about us. Another big – FA-GET-A-BOUT-IT!!


Start taking care of your own before being so benevolent (financially ignorant) to other countries.


What Does Charity Begins at Home Mean - Pediaa.Com

If the #high-rolling-money-people that control the purse strings in our country had the money they BLOWcoming out of their own bank acounts; instead of them shaking up at The Four Seasons and dining at Ruth Chris, they would be #LAYING-PIPE with a 3.00$ hooker at the Motel 6 and eating under the arches.

Tom; don’t leave the light on for them, they are not coming!!

Common sense will save your life while your will kill you !!

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