Talk about #winning the #lottery…

Camilla will be Queen: Elizabeth II uses Platinum Jubilee message to elevate Charles’ second wife


Updated 8:46 AM ET, Sun February 6, 2022

Camilla was from an upper-class background; her wealthy, well-connected relations included a grandfather who was a baron. But Englanders were looking for Charles two marry someone that had more of a pedigree and obviously more attractive. What is the old saying; #BOOTY is in the eye of the #beholder.

There was something about that Lady that #ignited Chuck’s fire and through thick and thin, that flame never was extinguished, even when he was married to or more attractive, more suitable royalty, younger Diana.

Now you tell me, looking at these two ladies; which one would you think would be more accepted and acceptable to sit on the throne as the queen of England.

Come on folks, I’m not trying to be critical just objective (OK maybe a little critical).  Lets be realistic, when a man or woman wakes up in the morning and glances to their side, they would like to have something appealing to look at.

The old girl, Queen Elizabeth has had a lot on her plate to deal with them the last few years with her over #sexed/horny son Andy, her #gullible grandson Harry who married a #biracial person, now this gigantic revelation that Camala is going to be the next queen. I can bet, the average English person it’s not too thrilled with her decision.


From “#Wicked #Stepmother” To #Queen #Consort:

Camella not only hit the lottery 5 numbers, she also had the kicker.

Liz’s proclamation: “And when, in the fullness of time, my son Charles becomes King, I know you will give him and his wife Camilla the same support that you have given me; and it is my sincere wish that, when that time comes, Camilla will be known as Queen Consort as she continues her own loyal service.”

What a gift.

The thought has often occurred to me; how long will the English people continue to support the royal family as Royals. They’re combined worth has to be in the #billions and make certainly don’t need the $oldi. I don’t know how accurate this is but these are the figures

The campaign group Republic assert that the full annual cost of the British monarchy to be at least £350,000,000 a year, when including lost revenue from the two duchies, security, costs met by local councils and police forces, and lost tax revenue.

Those are some serious numbers in anybody’s book. Exactly what do they provide the country except the draw of tourism. Is it really worth it???

Like so many other things in life; to me it does not make sense. What the hell do I know??

I am just a poor commoner trying to make it on a couple 100 a week.

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Way above my paygrade

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