Great for the unemployment factor ….

Elon Musk is placing a bet on robots. It could be a long time coming ….

It’s not bad enough that we have millions of lazy fools out there that wouldn’t take a job if you gave it to them. To indulge them even more and complicate matters, Musk and many other visionaries like him want to produce robots to do the jobs of humans.

In my opinion that is being counterproductive. To develop robots that can perform very dangerous tasks instead of putting a human at risk is a great idea. On the other side of the coin, to produce robots that will eventually take over all of human activity is absolutely moving in reverse.

The entire concept of these highly automated ideas it’s strictly to eliminate people on the workforce. Robots don’t get tired, they don’t belong to a union, they don’t need hospitalization, no sick leave and can work around the clock without taking a piss break. All of those things combined together equal dollars. That is what society and big business is all about $$$$$$$.

If and when (I am sure they will eventuate) the novelty may be great at the beginning; but while Joe Blow it’s sitting on his fat ass at home in front of the boob tube and some robot is doing his job while his family is starving, then I think reality MAY set in.

But not to worry; the government is always in the shadows waiting for it’s citizens to tumble so they can pick them up, dust them off, and set them back on their easy chair.

Suzzy, more butter next round

Instead of spending so much money and concentrating on robotic power to the extent that they are, one would think that devoting of some of that time, money and effort into improving mankind and his personal skills (get and education) would be so much better in the long run. But WTFDIK???

SOOOOOOO, every time you get into a self-service checkout or use any other automated device, essentially what you are doing his supporting the elimination of the human touch. Putting someone out of a job.

One consolation for the henpecked husbands out there; Musk claims that robots are not very efficient at washing dishes. I’m sure that will let you sleep a little better tonight.

The Henpecked Husband Works Late in the Office | The Vault at Pfaff's

Dangerous territory. We MUSK not venture there too heavily.

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