Schools across America implement BLM Week of Action that calls for ‘disruption of Western nuclear family’

Week of action curriculum centers itself around 13 ‘Black Lives Matter Guiding Principles’

Many times the most complex problems have the simplest solutions if someone is truly looking for a legitimate conclusion.

Through the centuries, how many races and nationalities have become part of the United States system by Assimilating our ways into their culture. If you live in someone’s house you respect their lifestyles, rules and regulations.

Get in line – conform to the rest of what the country is doing – play by the rules of the new land – Worked very hard to become part of the system – behaved in a civilized manner to gain/earn  respect (earn being the key word)??

Great example: Years back; some brilliant FOOLS with the government and in the black community got together and decided the English language was too difficult for SOIME of their people to speak intelligently, so they came up with a solution that all Americans would have to learn Ebonics.

What a ******* joke. Needless to say Their initiative fell on its face. The only person that did not require classes for this monumental task was Jesse Jackson. He always spoke in the Ebonics tongue ; the average person could never understand anything he said to begin with.

Hooked on Ebonics – PBS › speak › americanvarieties › AAVEA18)

the school board called Ebonics a separate language derived from African … And educators nationwide began affirming the need to learn more about the …

When anyone wants to become a member of another society, join a new group or organization, they have to conform to that organization’s standards and regulations, it is not up to the organization to dance to their tune. This is exactly what many of the black lives matter’s members are expecting the United States to do, dance to their tune. Sad to say; some of the ultraliberal, Lily liver fools are allowing them to get away with it. Why you ask?? They have no backbone.

Many of them are just looking for another free ride/handouts from the government and do not want to put the effort into what it takes to simulate or would be part of The United States standards.

My solution it’s simple as it gets. For those fools that think they could make it on their own, Let’s take enough land somewhere in the country; give it to all the people that are signatory to black lives matters crusade. If they want their autonomy, let them have it. Assist them financially for a 2 – 3 years to get organized, give them a time frame where the freebies are going to be terminated, then let them have at it . I will guarantee; in very short amount of time, they will run up the black lives matter flag on the tallest flagpole they can find and still have their hands out looking for the bailout. These people do not want help that they have to work for, they want to be catered to and pampered.

The people that are pushing this movement are absolutely the same people that cannot make it on their own. They have been so accustomed two getting their palms greased/spoon fed for generations that they are incapable of being self sufficient.

As we can see by their history and ridiculous demands they make; they do not want their slice of the pie, they want the whole pay.


There was a very similar situation in East Cleveland OH years back where a group of the militant blacks in the community wanted to have control of the city.

Wellllll; after a couple of years struggling, the city gave into their demands. I don’t know if it’s necessary to tell you the rest of the story but I think you know what it is. They fell flat on their face, in very short order and went bankrupt, naturally looking for someone to bail their ass out.

East Cleveland’s debts have ballooned since. The city owes $31.1 million in legal judgments stemming from officer misconduct. Few cities would want to take on such a burden. Also in 2016, East Cleveland considered filing for bankruptcy.

As I have said so many times; I lay a great deal of the responsibility and fault on the government for aiding, abetting and pampering these people for so many years. Give a guy a fish he eats for one day – give that same guy a fishing rod and he will eat for life . People like this do not want to go fishing to sustain themselves and their families; they want to sit at the big buffet table of life and eat for free. This is not the way the world is suppose turn.

Referring to one of my previous comments; once you give away something you will never get it back. That has been proven time after time in history. the government may have had good intentions years ago by initiating all of these social programs for the needy, but because of complacency, greed, theft and incompetence they got completely out of control and probably will never be reorganized to the way they once were.

The saying ‘There’s no such thing as a free lunch’ – The … › meanings › tanstaafl

The phrase appears to have come about in response to the libertarian views of Henry Wallace, the US Vice President between 1941 and 1945.

At some point in time, the only way to circumvent this problem is to demand these people to get their lazy ass out of bed and from in front of the THE BOOB TUBE and go work for a living. Most importantly, I truly blame the government for caving in to them; especially with the clowns we now have sitting in power.

Funny Anti Biden and Harris Puppets Political Art - Anti Joe Biden -  T-Shirt | TeePublic
The jesture and the jesturette

Don’t misunderstand; these are not racist statements. I truly believe that the same thing applies to all races, all nationalities and anyone else that wants to reap the benefits of living in the United States, they must assimilate, become part of the system and work for what their handouts.

Regardless of who you parasites are; Gotta get into the game and be a game player or GTFO.

Based on current conditions and who we have running the country this pathetic situation is only going to escalate not get any better. What a sad commentary for a country that was so strong at one time.

To the imbecilic leaders of our country: don’t let the United States turn into another East Cleveland, the ball is in your hands and you control our destiny. Quit bending over to ANY anti-American militant organizations and taking in the keaster. You have gone way past what is reasonable and fair.

We are all citizens of this country regardless of our national origin and who our momma is. All citizens should be pulling in the same direction, should all be treated equally and fairly. This out of control gravy train has to be stopped before it has ANOTHER gigantic collision.

Schools across America are implementing the Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action curriculum that calls for the “disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics.”

The week of action started on Monday in several schools from Washington state to Massachusetts, bringing to classrooms the activist-based curriculum that preaches controversial ideas.

To the brain dead school systems in this country that already have dropped their drawers; you have no idea what kind of can of worms you’ve opened. PAY ME NOW OR MUCH MORE LATER.

You are the same idiots that supported defunding or the elimination of cops. I don’t know if you are too stupid to admit you’re wrong, take a good look at the statistics in these cities to see how their crime rate has gone up astronomically.  You ignoramuses  are brilliant. This is the end result of your stupidity.

US records highest-ever increase in nation’s homicide rate › 2021/10/06 › health › us-homicid…

Oct 6, 2021 — The new data show the US homicide rate increased from about six homicides per 100,000 people in 2019 to 7.8 per 100,000 in 2020, according to …

Some wise old man once said: be careful what you wish for.

Pete AND repeat: based on current conditions and who we have running this country, if this THING does not do about face, very sad to say, we are in some deep shit.

You don’t have to like me and I don’t have to like you; all we have to do is RESPECT one another!!

Turn up the volume and pay attention to what this wild woman has to say.

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