Gabby hit the token right between the eyes …..

Gabby hit the token right between the peepers. The token being Car-mella, Kamikaze Joe’s selected for vice president.

Why may you ask did K J chose Carmella?? First of all, I don’t think he had much to do with the choice; the fact is he only reacts to the strings his puppeteers pull. They made the choice he had little to nothing to do with it

Only two reasons she was given the nod; she was black and the female her qualifications had nothing to do with it. She has none.

Tulsi Gabbard logo.svg
Allegiance United States
Branch/service United States Army
Years of service2003–present
Rank Lieutenant colonel
UnitUnited States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command
United States Army Reserve
Battles/warsIraq War
AwardsCombat Medical Badge
Meritorious Service Medal
Folks this is what we call exemplary credentials.

I said way back when if Gabby was running for president I would vote for her before Donald Trump. The Lady has a stellar background, is a solid patriot with a military history; the kind of lady I would put on the same playing field with Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meir.

She’s very fair, calls them like she sees them, is not afraid to share her opinion/shoots from the hip.

In the news conference today she said that Kamikaze Joe selected Car-mella as a token and that what she said has proven to be correct.

What a sad day for our government when a person’s color or social status comes before their qualifications as a politician. It is an absolute disgrace. A good percentage of voters in this country are more concerned with what the person drives, what kind of crib they live in, or who their daddy is.

Part of Gabby’s commentary was based on the fact that Kamikaze Joe is going to appoint a black female to the Supreme Court; only because he is filling another token spot. This BOY and I would love to stress BOY, does not belong in that position he’s in. He is absolutely embarrassment to the country and an uncontrolled tornado that is pulling the country apart.

I would love to see Tulsi switch political parties. I think that that would really put a humongous spike in the Democrats coffin.

With much of her dialogue, it appears to me that she is more of an elephant than a jackass. It just goes to show us how smart these people are. They chose their mascot would be a lop eared donkey instead of some other animal that symbolizes strength.

Keep it going Gabby; this country needs all the common sense politicians it could drum up, Regardless of what side they are on.

SUGGESTION: If you happen to receive a package and the return address shows Car-mella Harris; find somebody you don’t like very much to open it for you.

I’ll tell you one thing for sure; the only strong characteristic Carm has is vindictiveness.

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