$ame old $orry a$$ tune; it’s all about the money ….

Scientists speak out on being silenced when raising concerns about coronavirus lab leak theory

Scientists told Fox News that they incurred backlash and resistance to getting their work published


It sounds to me that the scumbags in the scientific community followed suit with a Catholic religion, Boy Scouts of America, Penn State University and many other organizations that’s suppressed valuable and critical information, causing irreparable damage in order to protect their incoming revenue.

Many in the scientific community who attempted to speak out about COVID-19’s origins were labeled conspiracy theorists in the media and by fellow scientists early on in the pandemic, even though the possibility of human error has now gained renewed attention from experts.

The scientists expressed fear to Fox News that the silencing of such voices has led to little change, with gain-of-function research continuing both in the U.S. and abroad despite growing calls for international regulation.

What is really sad to say; we will never know what kind of nefarious, underhanded dealings are being perpetrated by our government as well supposedly other prestigious organizations putting the lives of mankind at risk, all for the sake of protecting their $$$$$.

As I have asked so many times; who in the hell can we trust?? I guess my answer remains the same NOBODY!!

Should the evil people behind this clandestine operation be held accountable for their secrecy; which I am sure, if reported sooner could have probably saved hundreds of thousands of lives. The old song once again; THERE IS NO ACCOUNTBILITY.

Folks this covers a very broad spectrum of areas. If people are not held accountable for their actions and dealt with appropriately, situations like this and many others will never cease to exist. People have to be held accountable for their actions. They most readily want recognition for the good that they do, but hide under the bed when there are experiments/endeavors go the other way. Should not be able to have it both ways.

Where does that put that worthless son-of-a-bitch JAWS (Fauci)?? Down in the history books as one of the worst of the worst.

Dr. Anthony Fauci.

With all of the documented evidence proving contrary to what he says; the bastard keeps lying through his teeth on a daily basis. JAWS is absolutely one diabolical individual. As far as I’m concerned JAWS should be thrown in prison for his deception and thievery. I would love to see his bankbook.

In one of my earlier posts; I referred to JAWS as Joseph Mengele’s cousin; I may have not been too far off.

Years ago when there was some honesty and integrity in the human race, there were a certain breed or type of people that someone could identify with and stay away from them because of their criminal backgrounds. But today, as sad as it is to say, (wolves in sheep’s clothing) some of the most prestigious people in the highest positions in the world, one is worse than the other. Who do we tell our sins to?? Not a priest, a Bishop, a Cardinal or certainly not this guy.

Ex-Pope Benedict acknowledges faulty testimony in German abuse case.

BERLIN, Jan 20 (Reuters) – Former Pope Benedict XVI failed to take action against clerics in four cases of alleged sexual abuse in his archdiocese when he was Archbishop of Munich, a report found on Thursday, compounding a scandal engulfing the Catholic Church.

It is frightening to think that our lives are in the hands of these scumbags.

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