What are good neighbors for???

Georgia woman allegedly stole lottery tickets from clerk who had just been fatally shot in robbery: police

Lakiesha McGhee also allegedly disabled the store’s security system

The thieving bitch doesn’t look too happy with her picture being taken for a mug shot after her botched crime. It probably isn’t the first time.  While the clerk lay dying on the floor; instead of being a Good Samaritan and trying to keep the lady alive, this thieving bitch was stealing the stores lottery tickets.

Georgia woman was arrested this month after she allegedly stole lottery tickets from the office of a convenience store clerk who had just been shot dead in an armed robbery, according to the Houston County Sheriff’s Office. 

Lakiesha McGhee, who was originally a victim of the robbery, was arrested about a week after the incident and charged with theft and tampering with evidence. 

It is not horrific enough that was store clerk got killed by three #scumbag-thugs robbing the store; BUT the very benevolent patron Lakissha McGhee robbed lottery tickets and disable the alarm/camera so she would not be identified.  What are good neighbors for??

I wouldn’t be surprised if the lottery thief pick the pockets of the dead clerk while she lay laying dyeing on the floor. Couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

To top it off this thieving bitch was not smart enough to know; all lottery tickets are numbered and can be traced very easily as to whether they were stolen or bought.

Whoever said thieves are smart. If they were as smart as they think they are, they wouldn’t get caught.

One suspect went into the office and fatally shot 43-year-old Sabrina Renee Dollar. 

As for the lowlife – scumbag -reprobate – bastards killers; the were caught on video, DEAD to rights.

I do not see the necessity for a trial under these circumstances. The video is 100% #conclusive-proof that these #bastards committed the crime. #Take-them-out-back -and-shoot-them. Three rounds of ammunition would cost about $4.50. On the flip side, it would cost about the taxpayers about $80,000 a year to house these son of a bitches for the rest of their life in prison. I would prefer the Discounted rate.

My preference would save a lot of time, money, aggravation and free up some space in our overcrowded jails. Why are the jails overloaded?? Because of the #bleeding-politicians do not believe in swift justice, or any justice at all.

It would be absolute proof that karma does exist if some of the politicians who support minimum to no #penalties we’re on the receiving end of the crime. If that were the case, I would love to see how benevolent they would be.

I don’t wish them any bad luck, just poetic justice Non #auguro #loro #sfortuna, solo #giustizia poetica

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