Very short very sweet – to the point – AYSM …

The man is an imbecile

Biden can't 'figure out' why immigrants are coming to the US
Kamikaze Joe’s most fitting expression

Biden can’t ‘figure out’ why immigrants are coming to the US…..

This deserves be one of the biggest AYSM yet.

One of the biggest stains – one of the biggest blemishes – one of the most costly – one of the biggest F-ups and gigantic blunders in American history perpetrated by any president; and this fool wants to know why THEY are leaving their country.  This deserves another gigantic AYSM!!!

What else can be said but the man is an imbecile. I am running out of derogatory adjectives to lay on him. There has never been a person at any level in government that is an embarrassment to the extent that Kamikaze Joe is.

The best part of it, it doesn’t appear to me the man has any shame or maybe he’s that oblivious to his actions and has no concept of what he’s saying or doing. Like a programed the robot with a notecards taped to his forehead. Very very sad. That is how he rolls folks.

His approval ratings are in the low 30s. That just lends me to wonder, who are the fools in that for 30% bracket??

Now; you tell me if I am being unfair to the man.

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