Pittsburgh bridge collapses ahead of Biden city visit to talk infrastructure

Is this disgraceful or what??

(courtesy Jane Dudley)

Many of these concessions exist because the contractor that builds the building and the inspector are greasing each other’s palm; not using quality material or building according to specs. Consequently a few years pass and because of the substandard construction, the building falls apart and kills hundreds of people. Who’s who responsible; I haven’t seen anyone yet wear the jacket.

Many of these conditions are preventable if regular maintenance was performed and the kickbacks were eliminated.

If anybody keeps track of my posts; through the years I have posted repeatedly that the fools who control the money for the infrastructure in this country, and probably around the world, only pay attention to a situation after a tragedy.

Time after time there have been incidents where the #decaying-infrastructure has fallen apart and caused #serious-injury and #death. These are not incidents just surfaced, they are conditions that have existed for years but have been totally #ignored/neglected.

Who is the #negligent person that should be held #accountable for these unnecessary mishaps?? The engineering people that work for the city – States and federal governments make big money to keep a handle on the conditions of our roadways sewers water lines etc. It is obvious by situations like this that many of them are #dropping-the-ball; and not doing what they’re paid for. Not all, but a good majority of #government-workers are very LAX and performing there assigned duties. That goes all the way to the president of the USA and that broad that sits next to him.

It is almost impossible to get one of the sons-a-bitches fired. There used to be an old saying with government officials. Whenever they fuck-up bad enough; they are promoted, given a raise, and shuffled off into a corner out of public sight.

In my opinion the only remedy to these situations is accountability (including K J the top dog). Without accountability no one has the impetus to perform or execute their duties in a professional manner. It’s a fact, if their heads were put on the chopping block for infractions such as this, we would surely see of different mentality when it comes to job performance.

As long as there is no accountability, these conditions will continue to exist. Put the person’s ass in jail (all the way to the top) that is responsible and I will guarantee these incidents will almost be non-occurring.

Typical governments – I know what their solutions is – print more dead president and raise the taxes.

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