Unless the #F-in #far-lefters #imbecilic get a handle on it ….

Six law enforcement officers #shot across US in less than 48 hours as #violent-crime-surges

Two police officers were shot in St. Louis, a sheriff’s deputy was shot in Milwaukee; and, three more police officers were shot in Houston

General oath for cops: On my honor, I will never Betray my integrity, my character Or the public trust. I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions. I will always maintain the highest ethical standards and uphold the values of my community, and the agency I serve.


(A) Code of ethics

(1) Members of the Ohio state highway patrol in recognizing their responsibilities as public servants, shall be particularly attentive to citizens seeking assistance and/or information or who desire to give evidence or register a complaint. Members shall broaden their knowledge of the state and its laws, better enabling them to satisfy the demands of the public.

(2) They shall accept their responsibility to the public by being punctual in their engagements and expeditious in the performance of their duty.

(3) They shall regard their office as a public trust and in the discharge of their duties be mindful of their primary obligations to serve the public efficiently and effectively.

(4) They shall administer the law in a just, impartial manner, affording the same reasonable treatment in all cases. They shall recognize the limitations of their authority and at no time use the power of their office for their own personal advantage.

(5) They shall be true to their obligations as custodians of public property bearing in mind that the misuse or waste of public property is equally as reprehensible as the misuse or waste of money from the public treasury.

(6) They shall not limit their effectiveness in the administration of their office by accepting gratuities or favors.

(7) They shall cooperate fully with other public officials to assure the safety and general welfare of the public. They shall not permit jealousies or personal differences to influence their ability to cooperate with other members of the division or other agencies.

(8) They shall add to their effectiveness by diligent study and sincere attention to self-improvement, including physical readiness. They shall welcome the opportunity to disseminate practical and useful information relating to matters of the public’s safety and welfare.

(9) They shall so conduct their private and public life that the public will regard them as examples of stability, fidelity and morality.

(10) They shall bear faithful allegiance to their government, and be loyal to their profession. They shall accept as a sacred obligation their responsibility to support the constitution of the United States and the constitution of the state of Ohio. As public officers, they shall consider the privilege of defending the principles of liberty the greatest honor that may be bestowed upon any person.

(B) Oath of office

Every member of the uniformed division of the Ohio state highway patrol shall make the following oath of office at the time of appointment as a trooper.

“I do solemnly swear/affirm that I will support the constitution of the United States and the constitution of the state of Ohio, and that I will faithfully, honestly and impartially discharge the duties of the office of trooper in the Ohio state highway patrol to the best of my ability, during my continuance in that office.”

That being said; is it reasonable to say some of these #anti American #ignoramus that run the government are putting handcuffs on our own cops, not allowing them to perform their duties as they swore to!!

It is inconceivably the ignorance of some city state and federal leaders, when they see what kind of #repercussions there are for suppressing the cops to do their duty as they were sworn to and will not take any corrective actions.

Just because there are a few bad apples in the barrel, it does not mean that the entire barrel is rotten.

I will ask (probably never getting and intelligent answer) if some of these lawmakers had a few #thugs in their family, if they’re old man was a #drug-pusher, their Ma Ma a #hooker, their uncle was a bank robber, and there cousins were #rapists; what the hell does that make them. In my opinion nothing but who they truly are. No one and I say no one in the world should be responsible for any other person’s actions except their own.

The #scholars who put our people in blue in #handcuffs and not allow them to do their jobs properly is probably one of the most insane opinions #counter-productive actions I’ve ever heard.

The #mental-midgets that support #defunding the cops or #eliminating the police forces have a serious mental problem, and should not be allowed to serve in public office of any capacity.

The only #possible way I can see they open their eyes, if in fact they truly are that #ignorant, is to #hope-very-soon they become #victims-of-their-own-ignorance. Then wait and see who they’re going to call to save their PC ass.

Do any of these #JACK-OFF-FOOLS see, or are will admit the #consequences of their #stupidity?? Day by day it is staring them right in the face and getting worse. So far it does not look like it to me. Maybe it takes one of their family members or themselves to be seriously injured or killed by one of these F-in crackpots before they realize or admits the stupidity of their actions.


I have repeated this so many times but it’s worth repeating again. The only thing that #thugs-gangsters and criminals understand, if someone speaking in their own language (metaphorically) that can be more violent if pushed to it, and willing to do whatever it takes to enforce crime prevention.

That is how crime is prevented. Does any responsible government ever send their troops into battle that are not armed properly with instructions to execute their jobs as diligently as possible??  Some O –  Same O.

If you wanna do it with kid gloves or powder puffs, you’re just pissing up a rope. Get smart and wake up before this scenario escalates beyond control. I feel safe to say that time has arrived or soon will be knocking on your front door.

Realize one important thing. If this crime wave it’s not snuff out by the cops, like a growing cancer it has become, it is going to infiltrate all of the suburbs just like it has the inner cities. No one but no one is exempt to crime that is left unchecked or controlled.

The only reason some of the #far-left-fools maintain this type of #pathetic-mentality, because they have not been victims yet.

Just wait #KAREN AND #KEN, your day is coming!!

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