So you think #China #Russia & #Covid are problems ….

Astronomers spot ‘#spooky’ object in ‘our #galactic backyard’

Mystery object is 4,000 light-years away

An animation shows the random appearance of fast radio bursts (FRBs) across the sky. (Credit: NRAO Outreach/T. Jarrett (IPAC/Caltech); B. Saxton, NRAO/AUI/NSF)

As far fetched as it seems to the nonbelievers; don’t discount the fact that the extraterrestrial dudes are keeping a good eye on us, just waiting to pounce at the right time.

They don’t really #DGAF or care or may not even know who #Kamikaze Joe – the Judo Guy – Charlie Chan and Rocket Man are or the other fools that are causing so much turmoil on this earth.


After observing the constant bickering back and forth that is getting worse by the day between all of the superpowers trying to eliminate one another; the extraterrestrial guys probably figured this is a very opportune time to come in and take over the world; showing the fools what real power is all about.

As a matter of fact I have been gifted with the ability able to #interpret #extraterrestrials #Morse-code, their flashing lights.

What the flashing lights are telling inhabitants of the earth “better get your shit together people before we come down there and do it for you”.

They could care less about The Wall –  worldwide corruption – crooked politicians – child molesters – Immigration – oil shortages – the out of control crime – COVID19 and all of it’s other mothers off shoots – shortages of food – the contest between the super rich being worth over 200 billion and the other only has 132 billion – they could care less about (PC-ness) political correctness – what kind of demented teachers we have in our school systems that are doing their best to destroy our younger generations minds.  All we amount to in their eyes is  a bunch of #insignificant #pissant that cannot seemed to co-exist in harmony.

In all of their outer space wisdom, they would like to know; how does any civilization have so much, yet so little, not appreciating what they have.

If I had to guess, I would think there are multiple different races (if you will) of the extraterrestrial dudes, but unlike the #ignorant earth beings, that has never been an issue with them. They used the same methodology in dealing with all of their issues as the earthlings should.

Why we imagine aliens the way we do - Vox
Why are those earthling fools so obsessed with being angry with one another

It is sinful that the human race has never learned how to coexist. If in fact; at some point in time, if the entire world could find a way to live in harmony, 99 9/10% of our problems could be eliminated.

What elements are preventing this from happening?? Greed, power, money and control.

There are so many riches and natural resources in this world; not one person should ever have to live one day without enough to eat, water to drink or a roof over their head.

In my opinion there are some very powerful entities out there that could snuff us out in 10 seconds if they chose to. We are not as almighty and powerful as we think we are.

Some of the super-rich-famous and very wealthy/maggots want it all for themselves and are not willing to share. The embodiment of greed.

I would never suggest that people should not work for a living and continue to stand in the soup line for the rest of their life having the government take care of them or living off of someone lese sweat. I think working is very healthy for every individual, mentally and physically.

What I am recommending is, why should anyone on this planet or anywhere else be worse $230 billion?? GMAFB; if they are willing to spread some of those $$$$$$ around to the impoverished people of the world, I would have much more respect for them. There are a few who do step up to the plate and are very benevolent, but not enough for them.

The people that I have a real disdain and hatred for are the dictators of countries that live in the lap of luxury in their palatial castles, while the people outside of their main gate are eating out of landfills.

Hell on earth': At Haiti's biggest dump, thousands rummage through  mountains of trash to survive | National Post
Haiti landfill – dinner buffet for some very poor people

Around the corner is the presidential palace.

Presidents palace

Does anyone but me see the disparity between the two?? This is just one example of thousands of similar #situations/conditions in this greed filled world, where money, power and greed are supreme.

This may be the reason that we are getting flashes of light from deep outer space.

When it all comes crashing down on us, it may be a new beginning for the human race or whatever else may inhabit the planet. The direction we now going in at warp speed it’s not a very positive one.

What the flashing lights are telling inhabitants of the earth “better get your shit together people before we come down there and do it for you”.


Arielle of Drempt on Twitter | Mork & mindy, Old tv shows, Old tv

Can we even imagine what conditions would be like if all of the world powers got together and try to eliminate these problems?? It would be phenomenal. Don’t say it’s impossible because I do not believe it. It is just the stupidity and greed of a very few powerful people that are preventing us to move forward in a peaceful direction.

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